Monday, August 09, 2010

Nearly there

What's up still no photos?

Well you see all the cables that connect the computer together have vanished.
I think I might have to get a Chinese man in to put it all back together, The people who surround me at present are useless.
Still life as I know it goes on.
So I thought I might fill you in.
A few months ago I went on to the Nokia website and uploaded all the numbers from my mobile phone, just in case I lost my mobile.
Well on Sunday I drove away with my phone on the roof of my car !.
When I got a replacement SIM card I went back to the website and...................."No numbers uploaded"............So dear friends if you don't call me I won't be calling you.

Its like starting a new life.
I used to have a diary with numbers in it, but its gone as well.
The Guinness visitors center had a power cut today, just when I was talking to a friend of mine, so we all got quick fares to the next big attraction.

I had a photo of a skeleton in the back of my taxi, The owner gave me €20 for a €7 fare. He couldn't carry it.

Students are coming back to the city, tales of woe from the USA and Canada where they went in search of work. My oldest boy went to London where he found no work either. He is lucky he has such a generous Daddy.

Story goes that MrRockerfellas driver did not turn up so he hailed a cab.
When he got into the cab the driver greeted him and told him that he knew where he lived. " I often bring your son home" so when they arrive the driver is looking at the money that he has been given. "Is something wrong?" says Mr Rockerflla.
"Well when I bring your son home he usually gives me a $5 tip !"

Mr Rockerfella replies "He would do that , you see he has a very rich father"

When I worked in the telephone exchange people like this used to brighten up our day.

When I drove on the M8 recently I saw at least 4 people texting while driving...............................Show them this.

So give them a kick up the arse before you have to explain...

I think Dr.Phil woke her up.!


  1. Hope you get the cables untangled! Miss your photos but glad for the text portions....AND the videos!

  2. I hate people that text and drive!

  3. Texting and driving just dumb!!!

  4. so at our wedding party, down at the lake, everybody started blasting me with squirt guns and who woulda thunk a wee bit of moisture could fry a tight little cell phone tucked safely in a zippered pocket in the back of a pair of shorts? everything gone in an instant. what...backup?....wha?

  5. That's terrible, I sympathise with your computer troubles. Losing those numbers must be awful, but if people want to talk to you, they will contact you, and you will get their number back that way. We don't just read you for the photos anyway.

    PS: Nokia website is indeed truly crap.

  6. one tip if you do get water in phone - fill a jar with rice and ut the phone in the middle of it, leave for a few days and most times - the phone will work. I have sons and a swimming pool ;-(