Monday, August 02, 2010

Into the sticks..

Well here me am at the start of the bank holiday Monday.
On friday I frightned myself by falling asleep at the traffic lights.
My car is automatic so I could have rolled into the junction.
I pulled over and went to sleep for 15 mins. Imagine falling asleep at

I have to quote the old joke again.

"When I die I want to die like my father did,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Peacefully in his sleep..........
Not like hius passingers who were screaming and shouting."

Great joke that. (British comedian Bob Monkhouse)

Kildare and Tyrone are now in the football semi finals, the mighty Kerry and Meath defeated..So I was heading towards Heuston station when I was stopped by a drunk Kildare man.

"How much to Monistrevin?"

So the haggle started and I cut him a great deal.

One which he was very reluctant to accept.

I measured it on the meter and gave him 1/3 off the price.

The meter tarriff goes up all the time as the fare gets longer, in the end it was clicking up every few seconds.

He was an asshole with too much drink on board.
But he did tell me that the train station wuld be closed until 9 pm, all the cars which were at the station rank were having a long wait.
One of lifes little surprises, you don't reall know how it will work out.


When we got there the fare was €106 so that was €68 Not bad for 40 mins..But then all the way home without a fare.start time 20.17 finish 21.00 62.6 Kms

I took the old road back through Naas, famous for sheep,soldiers and racehorses. Now tht it is bypassed you can fly through the town, it used to be an awful bottleneck..

There was a hell of a smash on the motorway outside Kildare town.
A yellow Celica car down the embankment, I didn't hear of anyone being killed. It served to make me slow down...There are torrential thundery downpours of rain at persent.

When I got back to Heuston station there were people coming out and I got a run out to Newtown park Ave €25. An Irish Spanish couple living in Madrid.
Madrid is a beautiful city must go,

Come on Lotto.

So look after yourselves, painting of the computer room begins as soon as the "painter" gets out of bed.

Look after yourselves and tip well so that you in turn will be well looked after.

News from Australia. (Thank you Sam)

Police charged the 33-year-old man over the ordeal which began when the male passenger vomited during a ride to Lane Cove in Sydney's north.

The man, 20, flagged the taxi about 2am (AEST) on Sunday, and allegedly got into an argument with the driver after he demanded a clean-up fee and money for the fare.

It's alleged the driver then headed to Macquarie Fields, in Sydney's southwest, where his wife and elderly parents were waiting.

Police say they got into the cab and allegedly struck the passenger and told him to hand over the cash. The man was then freed on Oxford Road at Ingleburn.

The driver was arrested at his Macquarie Fields home on Thursday and charged with detain for advantage.

He was released on bail to appear in Campbelltown Local Court next month.

People are really good runners in Brazil.

This might happen if you want to surprise your passinger.

Wouldn't it be great to be driving an armouredd car in Baghdad?
Sorry can't stop.


  1. Falling a sleep at the wheel scary stuff, I had a mate who fell asleep while driving down a country road. He woke up he was still driving but down a lane way with no room to turn round!! He had managed to keep driving while unconscious in the end it took him 3 hours to reverse the mile up this tight turny little laneway. Very luck man!!

  2. You are one funny man!! Thanks for brightening up a Monday!

  3. I'm glad you didn't have an accident! Hope you had a good holiday on Monday despite having chores!