Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some photos

This cruise liner makes The World look small

Part of a ships engine at the Irish Shipping HQ

The World with the wheel, you can see the cruise liner behind them. It is huge.
The wheel by night

And by day

Here is the World.

Dad waits for a break in trafic to cross the road.
You see dads out with the kids far more now that the Celtic tiger has died.


  1. Good to see the photos back.

    That is very true about the fathers and the kids. Plus, people are slightly thinner. Spending time with kids will do that to you (if only because they steal your food).

    Seriously though, SUVs were very fattening, as most of them are in hock nowadays and parents and kids are consequently walking to school, it is not surprising they are getting thinner.

  2. SDaedalus,
    Do you not remember that the skules are on holidays now.
    Teachers drive taxis during their long Summer holidays.
    Thats why things are so hard for the poor taxi drivers,many full time drivers are forced to live for a month or so in their Spanish villas until the teachers go back to skule.
    It not fare !

  3. I for one do not want to be in town when that big hamster comes to run on that bid wheel.

  4. I dont want to whinge but, on behalf of belfast we want our big wheel back

  5. Marvelous pictures! You took them yourself? You should say, you know!

  6. I did not know about the teachers. The double-jobbing in the teaching profession is only shocking. Do they not have enough on their hands correcting Leaving Cert scripts?

    PS: this would explain why all the taxi drivers I've met over the last month or two have been very cranky. They must be teachers.

    PPS: alternatively, maybe I just don't tip enough.

  7. SDaedalus10:47 AM

    "It's not fare" = brilliant.

  8. Glad you got the cables sorted out! Great pics!

  9. hey, the places are really amazing. even it looks like a dreaming country. wonderful !

  10. Welcome Back John, I must give you a ring since you lost all your numbers!

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