Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lost property

To all Dublin taxi drivers

On Friday night 2nd December, my mother left her phone in a taxi which she got from South William St. to the Gresham hotel.
It’s an old Nokia-battered and not really of any value whatsoever.
Ordinarily we would just let it lie. However, on her phone are photos of my little sister who died in September and, as happens to us all my mother had not gotten around to saving them anywhere else.

I am asking all taxi drivers if they picked up a couple on South William St. on Friday night around 11 PM on 2nd December. Going to the Gresham hotel.
Please check down the back and under your seats. As we say it has no resale value, but it is so precious to my Mother.

Kate Clarke 087 2676747

Mary Leonard 087 6497587


  1. I sent that into the Ray Darcy show and he gave it a great response.
    It turns out that she was a special pupil at my Tango school. Julian and Kristina gave her special private lessons. One thing she wanted to do before she died was to learn Tango dancing. Julian and Kristina told me that all the time she never complained even though she knew she was dying from a brain tumor.
    The Tango school will be giving a dancing scholarship every year in her honor.

    Its great to be alive and well.

  2. As I write the phone has still not been handed in. So take a good look under youe seats