Monday, December 12, 2011

Not long to go now

Dressing up for the occasion

Big cheese in East Wall

Early worker waits to be let in.

Toys for sale

Covent Garden

I drove over towards the Westbury to get a cup of coffee at the paper shop across the road. Not a chance to park, so I looped around and picked up a customer as I went around the corner. The guy had loads of bags and as he was getting in a car behind blew his horn.
"Mind these I'm going to kill that bastard".
I calmed him down and told him that sometimes arseholes begin at the top of the head and continue to their heels.
He began to settle down.
"He will get home and find a summons for speeding or a really big credit card bill he wasn't expecting" Drawing bad things towards himself he is, that's all.

He told me that he worked the doors at a casino on Auinger St. His mate was across the road talking to a big Russian guy and it looked like the situation would boil over, so he went across and dragged his mate back across the road again.The Russian guy who was out of his mind was insulting both of them so he dragged his mate back to the casino. The Russian followed them taunting and whistling at them. "So I told him to go back home to Russia where there was plenty of idiots there like himself he could fight with"
The guy then went off.
20 minutes later a police car came over to the casino. "Did you see a Russian man with a brown leather jacket, he held up a taxi driver at knife point and robbed him"
Well he had walked over to the casino where the cameras had picked him up.
He had even looked up into the cameras.

So the Garda have him in full technicolour.

I think I will go to the casino myself and get a copy of the photo for the Kesh (taxi holding area at the airport)
He is probably wanted in Russia as well.

Heading home the other day I picked up a girl who works in one of the children's hospitals, she was working in South Africa before this and her partner wanted to come and work in Europe, so they quickly married so he could get a green card and work in Europe.
A few weeks later he took a seizure and collapsed.
He had never had a headache, no double vision,nothing.

He had a brain tumour..After the operation he is fine again.
Her mother had a brain tumour only a few months before all this happened.
Now she thanks God for every day and takes nothing for granted.
She is a wonderful calm person in spite of it all and loves Ireland and the Irish welcome.

I hope the Christmas lights she bought in Woodies work well.

Another lady I picked up in James's St going to Liffey Valley, she was just going to Atlantic homecare and back. I told her that I would pause the meter while she was in the shop and bring her back home.
She had a story that would make your hair stand on end.
A neighbour of hers is a complete headcase, she has started a feud with another family. Instead of getting together over a pot of tea the situation has escalated to the point where a bomb was placed outside the flat.
The device was spotted and the bomb squad was called.
Everyone in the complex was evacuated for a few hours.
She told me that the army said that if the device had gone off it would have completely demolished the woman's flat the one next door and the one above it.

Wow that is a feud and a half.

One other passenger told me she was working in a well known top of the range department store, sales were low and management started threatening staff, cutting hours and laying off people.
She herself was breaking up with a long term relationship.
She read a book called The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. She saw what she should do and handed in her notice and started work in Kildare Village.
Her life has become a dream. She enjoys her work. The new boss praises his staff and talks to them, looks for suggestions. Everyone is happy.

Happy staff= happy customers=higher sales


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hi John, I hope your readers worldwide enjoy and reflect and peace to all. Paddy.

  2. I don't know if truth is stranger than fiction, but its 10X more interesting.