Sunday, January 01, 2012


If I go to Argentina this summer I will bring these rare bandoneons with me

Crossing back from the Bull Island in a storm

The Christmas tree at the conference center

My dog,she always laughs at this poem

Well last night there was a big New Year concert with Paul Brady, the Coronas etc.
I went out around 8pm and drove around and got no business. So I went home and had a frozen meal. I started to watch TV, I got a DVD called "Senna" a documentary about the life of the racing driver from Brazil. He tried all his life to help the poor people of his home country, he gave a lot of money to different charities, but he wanted to insure that the money was going where it was needed. He set up a charity which is being overseen by his wife,sister and Alan Prost his arch rival.
That charity has educated more than 6 million children in Brazil.
That is quite a legacy to leave behind.

If you go to the motor museum at Donnington Park and at Prince Rainer's motor museum in Monaco you will see grown men and women cry at his shrine.

I understand now some of the reasons why they were crying.

So I broke myself away and had a charmed night, just like the old days, there seemed to be no buses and there was a fair Garda presence.
I did notice that there were people back from Germany, USA, Canada and Spain. Migrants from our economic mess.
Around 5am I came back into the city and the streets were deserted, so I made my way down to meet the ferry for 5.55am. One girl came out and got a taxi. After a while I went into the office and asked. There were only 15 foot passengers as public transport is not operating in the UK.

Still I am happy with my lot as for so many people facing into this new year the future is very bleak indeed.

So turn the radio over to classical music, shun the doom and gloom merchants and remember that none of this was your fault.

On the way home from the ferry on the Clontarf Rd a car which was parked pulled out in front of me. No lights, no signal. He didn't look and if he had he wouldn't have seen me he was drunk out of his mind. I blew the horn and overtook him, 50 yards down the road he got back on the correct side of the road and turned on his lights. I turned down Seafield Rd and I noticed how he nearly hit the curb on the opposite side of the road coming around the corner. For me the shock just made me feel so lucky to have survived such a near miss. Perhaps I should have stopped him and called the cops.

So now in the first day of the new year it is time to take your life and give it a shake.
Take stock of things and chart a new course using a different star to guide you.

So I will set some new goals for myself.

I do hope that you achieve loads in this new year.

From the man who wrote the book The monk who sold his Ferrari

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