Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad choice that

A big white envelope arrived a few weeks ago.
Whenever there is a change in the rates new fare cards come.
Then we are ready to display them when the change comes.
So I popped them into the taxi.
I felt that there was something wrong with the cards.
There was no change in the rates, so why the new cards?
I didn't know what was up.

The other day I was alerted to the problem.
Every official notice has to be in English and Irish.

The whole lot will have to be thrown out and re printed.

It is said that it was printed by a brother in law of a high up official from the taxi regulators office.

I think even a 12 year old child would look at a previous lay out before doing such a reprint.

But theese whiz kids who lay down the law are not lyable to pay for their mistakes from their own pockets.


  1. very apt number on the id card image .ZOOOO .THE BLOODY TAXI INDUSTRY HAS BECOME A CIRCUS AND ZOO .

    1. I once had a customer who lost her ID card. I checked and sent her the telephone numbers of the Garda stations who now deal in lost property.
      The next day she sent me a text which stated that I knew nothing!Another taxi driver who knew more than me that the carriage office in Dublin Castle was the place togo to.
      Some people.