Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cracking up I am

All the Christmas decorations are being gathered up to be put in the attic until next December.

Years and years ago we had a French lady staying with us over Christmas. She was very prim and proper and the kids were very young.
Soon the "crib" consisted of Mickey Mouse, He Man and a scattering of Lego men and toy soldiers.
She flipped when the dog had eaten the baby Jesus !

Then one day a courier arrived at the door!

A parcel for Madame !

With great care a Nativity scene unfolded.

"You see not everything happened at once!
First there was the stable, with the Shepard's and the animals.
Mary and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem, every day getting closer.
Then on Christmas Night the youngest person in the house puts the baby in the crib.
Later on the wise kings come with their useless gifts.

Then someone warns them to escape.
So they flee.

This year the wise kings never made it off the piano

The month is hardly 1/2 over and I have given 2 free rides!
Well you judge, right or wrong?.

The first one was on Cork St. A woman on crutches with 2 super little kids a buggy and her partner. They were going to Castle St.. There is a supplementary welfare office there. Her story was that she had lifted her benefit money and as she was coming out of the Spar shop a Junkie jumped her. She does kick boxing to stay fit and she "creased" her attacker. But there was 3 others and one had a bicycle lock on a chain and beat her to a pulp. She had 2 black eyes and a broken ankle.
She was robbed, but she had signed over her social welfare to her mother who was sleeping off a hangover and wouldn't meet her to "lift " her money, so we were heading for Castle St.
So when we got there they said "What do we owe you?" I said you owe me fuck all, you have had a bad start to the year, take it a a present from me.
There was loads of protesting but I said "Don't throw my gift back in my face"
"Jesus mister do you know this will come back to your a thousand times over"

But you and I know that even if it doesn't I never did it for that reason.

So there I was in the electrical wholesalers and a woman came and asked for Joyce rd Fairview. Everyone thought it was in Drumcondra. I got my map from the car it was indeed there and then she said she would get a taxi!
Well I stepped up to the mark and offered my services.
On the way over she told me how she had been married to the same man for 40 years and then he threw her out !
She never saw it coming and now she had spent a few nights in sheltered housing and was looking for this place.
She had been in another taxi who couldn't find it. In the end he turfed her out.
Yes folks he charged her for the scenic trip.
From Joyce St. we started to make phone calls, "Off Philipsburgh Ave., Griffeth Court.Even when we were in Griffeth court there was no sign post. But we found it.

Once more the same argument.

Boys and Girls I ask you . After 40 years of marriage to be fucked out on the street and afraid to go back home again, after being charged Gods knows how much from the last taxi ride.

Charge her? or no charge?

So I have gone soft in the head????????????????????????????????

I was scrolling through youtube looking for Tango music from the Gotan Project group when I fount the following clip.
I hope you enjoy Buenos Aries.

The city looks so big, its like Dublin is a tiny village

Then I checked. With its suburbs it has 13 million people.
Great to see they have a bridge like our Sam Beckett Bridge.

But I still love the U2 version for Dublin

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