Friday, January 13, 2012

Make that 4

Make that 4 people who rode for free!
I picked her up on Beaver Rd. She had a roloarator and she took forever to get in.
I popped her contraption in the boot and we were off.

She had some sort of motor neuron disease and her right hand had stopped working.
That bossy fecker who dropped her glove last week ?
It just found a new owner.
The bank on Baggott St. was our destination.
She had run out of money and her late husbands account was in that bank.
I told her that she should get a bank link card and she could draw down the money in the supermarket.
If you are ill or suffer any illness which effects your mind or body. This society is a hard place to live in.
We passed a beautiful girl waving for a taxi in Donnybrook on the way, Oh Boy !

When we arrived at the bank it was closed. 10.30 the bank opens on Thursday
So I told her not to worry and go into Burger King and wait there until the bank opened.She could have the trip on the house.

Then back to Donnybrook, where the beautiful lady had vanished.

That poor lady who was ill needs a little bit of care,it would take very little effort for the bank teller to suggest to the lady that she should have a bank link card and arrange it there and then..
Still no one has the time or the humanity to act any more.

The mad part is that we have to take these drunk people home.

I sometimes meet Neil Tobin in our local supermarket.
In reality he is a hell of a guy.

The questions kids ask !

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