Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back home again

A "Gay pride" flag flies from the Blackpool tower

The famous "Comedy carpet"

Ornamental lights which displays patterns at night.

So you need a ventriloquists doll? No problem

Magic dealers stalls, your illusions become a reality.

FISM the world championships of magic, coming to Blackpool this Summer.

Creating publicity for Showzam !

The party's over, the makeup is off.
Christian Faria Loading up the truck and van to drive back to Holland.
Showiz is not that easy either.

Ah well back in Dublin after attending the 60th Blackpool magicians festival of magic.
I must say it is quite an intense experience.
First of all there is the dealers who sell wonderful magical tricks. Things which will work in the palm of your hand up to and including bespoke illusions for your stage act.
There was around 120 dealers in all.
Then there are lectures from world famous magic lecturers, though these people are largely unknown outside magical circles.

Then there was the magic shows,
Magic from the Orient a big contingent from Korea filled the bill.
Great manipulation,show closed by Yu Ho Jin
There was quick changing by Yuji Yasuda

Magic from America, a wonderful mind reading act

You have to love Dirk Losander

Jason Latimer seen here with his glass cups and balls. What a finish!

Charlie Fry was fantastic performer, great entertainer and nice guy.

Then on Sunday Europe took to the stage.
Gean Garin did you ever see anything as clever as this?

Christian Farler did the Olympics of magic with one grand illusion after the next endidng whih and escape and substitution from a water chamber.

Then wonders beyond belief Amethyst produced a live tiger in a cage right there in front of 3,000 people.
In the discussions later it transpired that "health and safety" were also kept in the dark for many reasons. WOW

The white hats are good. A black light act, but this camera here keeps cutting away.

President of the Blackpool magicians club is the one and only Ken Dodd OBE.

Now 200 years old.!

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