Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Down around Dollymount strand.

I must say I am still stunned today after reading an article in the Sunday Times on last Sunday week.

Toyota motor corporation have told their dealers in the UK the following.

"If a customer comes in for a service while the car is under warranty you are not to fix faulty things unless the customer brings it to your notice, you must not tell them about the fault".

So there might be "nothing" needs fixing this week (car is under warranty).
Next week (no warranty) you get a list of 12 things which need fixing at your expense.

In one part of the article a guy in the UK had sold 3 dealerships rather than implement their dodgy policy.

"I, more than anyone, wish for Toyota's cars to be safe, and for our customers to feel safe when they use our vehicles"
Akio Toyoda, Toyota president

That quote is only 2 years old.

I for one person would be more than happy to be the one who made the best cars in the world !

Even if I never made any profit at all.

But I would be very upset if I destroyed the trust my loyal customers and ruined the prestige of the Toyota name by shafting them just for a few dollars profit.

Need a used car? look here.

Hooray for the taxi regulator enforcers.

They pounced on St. Stephens green and went thought the paperwork of all the taxis they had hemmed in.

I wonder what they found?

On this St Valentines day I hope some magic comes your way.

Speaking of romance, did you hear the one about the lady that suggested to the Dublin taxi driver that they have sex in lieu of payment for the taxi fare?

Well says the driver.

Its been so long since I had sex that I can't remember which one of us has to get tied up first.

And they say romance is dead!

Not long until Blackpool magicians convention this weekend.

Blackpool has loads of live shows on through the Summer and into the Autumn so there are loads of dance groups around the area.This is the Hounds Hill shopping center.

Dancing in Dublin

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