Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rewarding bad service.

Saturday night party dresses

inside Clonliffe college

2 Garda cars on a breakdown truck.
Did you ever buy one at auction?

Big tower inside Guinness

Here is one worth running past you.
It sort of shows you how the human mind works and yet it makes no logical sense.

A taxi is at the rank at Heuston station and 2 guys walk up to it and ask "Do you know where The Dublin industrial estate is? Are you sure you know? How much will it be?"
On hearing of a ball park figure they got in.
The driver asked them why they were so hesitant.
"Well yesterday we got a foreign driver who drove off and he was getting directions from someone over his mobile phone, he drove us all over the city and we were very late getting there."
The ride had cost them €35, but they gave him €40 because they felt sorry for him, they didn't get a receipt because his printer was not working either.

So the other taxi pulls up with at their destination in 1/2 the time, €16 on the meter, they get a receipt and €4 change and off they go.

So they reward bad service, such is life.

A Chef from Donegal hopped in. Her boyfriend was ill all night long and she had been acting as nursemaid. The taxis are needed when people are late.

She told me a tale about when she was younger. She had an awful stomach pain and went to Letterkenny hospital. They took a Scan and the "doctor"gave some stomach powders and suggested indigestion.
No matter how much her father protested it made no difference.She even drew a stomach full of gas, just to illustrate her point.
No second opinion was offered so he grabbed the scan and scoped her up and drove to a hospital in Derry where the operated straight away.

The scan clearly showed an obstruction in the Bowell and her intestine was about to burst.

So I asked her if she had sued the hospital?
"Well no" she said
She went on to explain that she had been told that it might take up to 10 years to come to court. She also felt that money gained that way was not lucky.

I told her that had her dad not been so strong willed that she would have died.
Insurance is paid so that if the doctor is not fit to do their job the patient gets some compensation. Also by not taking her to court she stands in incapable doctor impostor who is making life and death decisions.

If she felt that the money would be unlucky for her she could give it to charity.

Remember a doctor was suspended from Letterkenny hospital when it was discovered that she did not know how to take a patients pulse and she did not where the pulse could be found.

Like the rogue taxi driver she does nothing about it so they can just do it again.

From a strictly legal point of view.
"A missed diagnoses is no indication of neglectful or careless behavior. Therefore strictly speaking you would not have a case in law."

So Last Monday week I got a lady going to a clinic for the Mater hospital off Upper. Drumcondra Rd.
Right from the first minute I got the war cry "You're going the wrong way, turn around" etc.
I knew the actual place she was going to and I also knew that Upper Drumcondra is at the bottom of the hill and higher up at the canal end is Lower Drumcondra Rd.
In the end I pulled into the little street she was going to and stopped outside the clinic door.
"Why did you stop? I'm going to be late."
"Look at the street sign ! Look at the name on the door, just pay me and get out."

So she did just that saying "I never would have made it here on my own"

Your right there I thought to myself driving off.


  1. Interesting post and great photos John.At the risk of sounding naive what is Garda-the police?