Monday, February 06, 2012

Herring days

Docklands, part of the new Dublin

Hatch St, steel and glass.

Ireland on the move!

The movers are emptying the office of the taxi regulator.
I wonder how many millions of Euro that office has wasted.

"Herring days"an expression from the London people who when times were hard they had to eat fish as there was no money to buy meat.

How was it for you?

Well the rugby was a classic example of what happens if you don't play right to the very end of the game.
Ireland were ahead and the Welsh slammed in a try in the dying minutes to win.

The economy still has me beaten though.
I heard today that the management style of Brussels is of the "Seagull style" They swoop in from nowhere, flap around all over the place,do nothing, then go away again leaving shit and feathers all over the place.

Brother believe me when I say this to you.

The Greeks can't pay and the Greeks won't pay.

Followed by the Portuguese, Spanish Irish and the Italians.

Try to find out what happened in Argentina when the money collapsed, and Iceland not long ago.

One thing for sure is that if I am asked to pay back a debt which some multi Billionaire who lived in Dublin 4 ran up.

I totally refuse to do it.

Even though Government ministers and other politicians were totally involved in the scams which brought us here, is all the more reason not to pay.

It is not my personal debt, so why should you or I be asked to pay ?.

Have a look at the content here.
There is content here which will point you in a somewhat different direction.

There was a thing in the paper which shows how low the quality levels of journalism have now fallen to here in Ireland.
A Polish girl living here wrote an article for a Polish newspaper in which she spoke about living on the dole and the beauty of Ireland and what a delight it was to live in Doneagal beside the seaside where she could walk for miles along deserted beaches at dawn and so on.

Well an article appeared in the Irish Independent newspaper which was supposed to be a translation of the piece. There was sections where she was calling Ireland a "Shit hole" and all very negative stuff.
Then the Polish ambassador came on and translated vast sections of her article which told of her love for this fantastic country and its friendly people.
The Polish girl herself came on and spoke about her article.
Polish girls article bore no resemblance to the article written by the Irish Independent journalist whatsoever.
I do wish that the reporter who "made up"the story was brought was in to explain her racist slanderous article.

Years ago in the year 2000 at the height of the boom Manchester United signed a lease for the MU shop.
The rent was €507,000 per year and the shop and "Reds" bar closed 16 months later.
But the lease was for 15 years and the bar which now operates on the site is paying €340,000 in rent leaving €167,000 loss to the football club until 2015.
It will take a lot of football jumpers to pay for that mistake.
Still they were a bit silly to think that Irish people would pay €15 for a mug or €50 for a clock.

One of my first people today was a guy from Kansas city working with Yahoo. With Google,Facebook, Microsoft,Ebay,Intel and Paypall we are world leaders at the coal face of Internet technology.
But be warned we are only in the lead because we offer these companies a better tax rate than they can get elsewhere in Europe.One thing for sure is that Europe would love to make an level playing field for business within Europe, increasing our corprate tax level would do it and it will be a very bad day for us if that happens.


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