Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogger I'm stuck !

I found this one ! Well Blogger changed the layout, without my permission may I add. I had written something the other day and saved it, but now I can't go back and retreave it. It won't let me go back to the old layout either. Computers are mad, techies on massive wages brake things that aren't broken and then can't fix them again. A guy told me he was having trouble with a bank a while back. They were threatening to bring him to court no matter what he said it made no difference. His local bank manager phoned them up and was getting the same crap. But he then asked for the supervisor and together they searched through the records using his address as the target. Then the details were exposed, everything was paid up. You would never guess what the problem was? Someone had put a full stop after the name and for some reason it would not come up again without the full stop. Amazing. Winicabs were to launch their fantastic new system and I had their gadget fitted into my taxi around Christmas. They sent me 3 texts which were confusing and lacked any news of their progress. It seems that they are having software problems,which they hope to sort out soon. The problem for them is that Hailo and cab app 2 systems which are similar are ready to go as well. But you know the main problem is that there are just far too many taxis in Dublin and when the person might call you and then just jump into the first cab that comes along, such is life. There is cyclonic wind and rain, loads of broken umbrellas litter the streets. (What goes up the chimney down but won't go down the chimney up?) Ask your grandad if you don't know I went to London for a long weekend to visit our son, he lives there and you know the life of a migrant gets lonesome at times. I once met the great man, but I didn't know what he looked like, I was in his house on Arnott and spent a great 15 minutes looking at his paintings hanging on the walls. I said how lucky they were to have so much of his work as this artist was fantastic. His wife then asked me which of the drawings I liked best, she herself thought I had picked the 2 best ones, then I saw them in the paper the next day. At least I was not critical. Louis leBrocquy died today take a look at his website here. He would be Ireland's best painter of our present time


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Hi John, Lest we forget. For old times sake. Paddy.

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