Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter bunny gone

Queues of people going to the zoo

Clampers, happy in their work.

Another fire in Camden St.

Taxis waiting at the high speed ferry.

Well Easter is over, though the schools and courts are still on holiday.

The big plus in this job is meeting people, from all over the world and from every background, when they talk if you listen they will educate you.

Whatever the reason people are all very different, that's for sure.

On the East Wall Road today I picked up a girl with a really broad Dublin accent.
After a few sentences I still had not heard anything odd in her accent.
As broad a Dub as Imelda May ! AJH! (Ah Jesus Howaya)
She had said quite a lot before I noticed a slight accent.
Wow !what do you know,she was Polish!
On Sunday I picked up a couple with a young boy, she did not say much until near the end of the journey. She was Polish as well.
So now I am beginning to notice that the Polish migrants are deciding to stay on and marry into Irish society.
I had a woman from England in the taxi once and we were talking about the Polish immigrants.
She came from a place in the UK where the RAF had a Polish air division. This group of pilots tipped the balance when it came to the Battle Of Britain.
A total of 145 Polish fighter pilots served in the RAF during the Battle of Britain, making up the largest non-British contribution. By the end of the war, around 19,400 Poles were serving in the RAF.
So without their help we might be all speaking German now, but the buses would run on time.
Polish was spoken in their homes and they all took it as an extra subject for O levels. They got extra points in their exams for the extra subject and so did really well at school.

A lady from Mozambique yesterday told me of an incident with her landlord in Drumcondra.
He used to just knock on the door and walk straight into her apartment on rent day.
Can you believe this?,
He just walked into her bedroom while she was in bed with her friend.
As she is now living in Mountjoy Square I think she should sue him, what a complete asshole he was.

I lost the piece of paper for my PSV licence,without the actual paper I cannot tax the taxi.So I cannot go out at night in case I am checked.
I would have been through all the obstacles and have my papers in order but my NCT failed because one light was too high and I had a leaking gearbox from a worn oil seal.
Boys and girls renew your paperwork early !
If you miss your renewal date it costs an extra €500

I now have 225,000 Kms on the Prius now and she is going like a Swiss watch.
The best car in the world I reckon.
Can your car do this ? My one can, but it only speaks Japanese to me.

On the links over there on the right hand side there is one "Save the Yellow cab"
It is a radio programme starring taxi drivers from New York. I think it is a great show and it still plays. So give it a swing and learn how to get your Hack licence for New York city.

I promise to cull the list soon and take down the ones who have ceased to preform.

In Argentina they did an experiment using Taxi drivers to spread information, see what you think.

Imagine 20 jobs a day.

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