Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Eggs Bunnies and Jesus

This is why you must look at the signs when you park.


So happy Easter to you all.

Millions of people on the move,massive traffic jams all over the world.
Holidays make opportunities for taxi drivers IF you are at the right place at the right time.
The problem is finding your sweet spot for success.

The difference between some people is a thing I find totally amazing.

I had a group who wanted to see a few places in the city, on the way past I pointed out the things of interest along the way.
Then I got a phone call to come home.
As they were going to visit something at that time they seemed happy enough to part our ways.
So I stopped the meter, €17.50 on the clock.
The man thanked me and pulled out a pack of mixed notes.
I pulled out €2.50 from my coin holder and waited.
He fumbled around and eventually handed me the €20 and I gave back the change.
"No, you have been very good to us I want to look after you."

So in another minute he had passed on the level of his appreciation,70 cent.

On Monday there was an elderly lady in the taxi and I pointed out the "Shave or Dye" Cancer fundraiser which is going on at present.
She told me of her grand daughter who had a mole on her shoulder, it had been there for a long time, then it changed.
She continued with her accountancy studies and never complained, the mole had turned malignant and the cancer had travelled into the bone.
She completed her studies with flying colours and died a few months later.

She told me about what a wonderful girl she was, she would always make those around her happy even though she herself was dying.

I think there was €6 on the meter and she gave me €12.
I was trying to give her back €6 but she told me to keep it and thanked me for listening to her story.

I am not angry about the first situation, but I am upset that I failed to deal with it properly or to understand the situation.

But the old lady (who was not rich) redeemed my faith in human compassion.

Still, its all Good Karma bad Karma

2 London taxi drivers meet at the shelter for a bit of a natter.
One has had a bad tipper in the cab.

"Where was e goin?" asks the second driver.

"E was goin to see that Agatha Christy murder mystery play the mouse trap"

"Wot did you do when he gave such a mean tip then?"

"Well I told im who did it didn't I"

Do you know Ted?
Here is a talk(click here) on the origins of an idea

A poor unfortunate cyclist was killed last night at 1 am.
I cannot comment on what happened in this case but cyclists are a danger to themselves at the best of time.
I know that at the spot where the cyclist was struck the footpath widens and the street lights do not penetrate under the bridge, the lights in fact cause a big black blind spot.
A stormy windy night. I do not say that the cyclist was not wearing a high viz jacket,
I am not saying that he had no lights on hic bicycle.
I also see cars driving around with only one front headlight.
I do see this all the time.
There was a road safety thing a couple of years ago where chemists were given high viz vests to give out to customers. I got a dozen and when I was going along and saw the black phantom rider, I stopped and gave him a vest.
When I went back to the chemist later he told me he had thrown them out as he was doing renovations.
Its a pity he didn't bring them to the local school.
People on bicycles in Dublin fly down one way streets, zoom through red lights and carry on like there are no laws for them.

I was backing out of my drive a couple of years ago when a cyclist crashed into the back wheel of the car. He started by shouting at me "Why don't you look where you're going"?
I got out and told him that if a child had run out he would be in serious trouble as the footpath is not the place for cycles, but if you do ride on the path you should the outside of the path.There was no damage to the car.

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