Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Titanic 100 RIP

Yes folks 14 th April 1912 Titanic sank, and if the wind had not changed and blown that cruise ship Costa Concordia ashore the deaths would have been higher than for the Titanic.

Cars disassembled and packed on to trucks to be shipped to Lagos Nigeria,
I wonder?

Above is a photograph of the spot where the cyclist was killed last week.

The road narrows and the bridge has bad lighting underneath.
An accident waiting to happen again.
The best way forward is cycle only routes, none of this ducking in and out of traffic.
I would love to see cyclists given tickets for breaking red lights etc as well.

Its the weekend again, only next Monday the schools are back and the mad study time starts until the exams in May.
One thing I have often said is that education is all very fine,as a tool it helps to open up a career path for many people.There was a multi millionaire in the paper recently who left school at 14 and worked his way up. He said he was more interested in the persons achievements and ability to communicate than his qualifications. His ideas and ambitions rather that his pure academic qualifications.
He also shocked some people by employing people who he felt could be mentored into positions over people who were highly qualified.
Sean Quinn the business man who was the second richest person in Ireland would be a classic example of how far you can go. His main fault was that he was so ambitious that he would not take advice and insisted in doing things his way. He pumped billions into trying to take over a bank which was sinking faster than the Titanic. When it went under it took down his entire empire.

I have the new taxi sticker on the taxi now. All set for another year.
My road tax is next then my income tax, which I hate doing.

Still I am happy and content to know that the money collected is going to be put to good use and not one euro will be wasted !

I heard through the grapevine that this new €100 household tax(Which will be €1.500 next year)this tax was passed by our government. But before they made it into law they exempted government officials from it.
Yes the voted themselves not having to pay.
Surly someone knows someone who can confirm or deny this story.

If true we need to get a lynching party together.

Of people, a girl from Boston going to Fitzwilliam Place instructed me to down along the canal.A lovely way to go if you like to see the swans.
Every taxi driver knows you head for Camden St. Right at the Bleeding horse, into Hatch St over to Adelaide Rd and straight across.

I was heading off to Tango class the other day when I got a text to say it was cancelled.
So seeing as how I was ready I decided to go to a local theater call the Viking theater, its above the Sheds pub at the bottom of Vernon Ave, €10 in.
The play was called Tuesdays with Morrie based on the book.
I have been to expensive plays but this was really great value, acting was superb as well.

The rest of you should read the book, it was very good too.

By the way here my Tango teachers Kristina and Julian.

Pablo Veron is coming to Dublin early in May to give a workshop, Kristina says he will get me up to speed !Its fully booked up with 100 others waiting for a place.

While I on the subject look at this old guy go.

He was just getting into the best bit when the clip ended.

He was one of Julian's teachers back in Argentina.

Ah well its not all Taxi, Its Magic and Tango and lots more besides.

I met this guy in Blackpool. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful Magical presentation.

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