Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The marching bands are all gone away.

                18 jobs none missed!
                Film star taxi man...Filming "Summer in Dublin"
                Even the Hailo app had on a green hat.

                             Snow and hailstones  !!!!

St Patrick's day.!
Most of the public buildings (Worldwide) were floodlit in green and thousands of people have come to celebrate.
If you go to this website  (click it)or perhaps if you click this one Or look for the 6 pm news on the 17th March. Then you will see it all.
One band had over 300 kids. I know what its like to get one teenager up imagine what it would be like to get 300+up and ready.

I went down to meet the 6am ferry.
I got 4 students who are here studying English from Venezuela.
The population of students who come here to learn English is huge, also the number who come to study medicine (mostly from Arabic countries) this props up our system in terms of fees paid and property rentals etc.
One other aspect of the migrant students life here is that they must prove that they are studying all the time.
So for example Zulaine from Brazil and Madhu from Mauritius, they have to sign up to do courses to provide proof for the government that they are indeed students, this money would be better spent on their folks back home.
Such is life.
So it is onward and upwards with the work. You have to keep a lucky monkey and tickle him in the morning before you go out. Then when the monkey is happy you get work ! In Dublin whether you are busy or not depends on luck. HailO is also a huge bonus.
I had a lady in the taxi yesterday who went to Nova Scotia for a special holiday. While they were there they decided to check up on a story about her Grandfather. He told them the story about how he had run away to sea at 15 by forging some documents. He went with a pal who was 16 and they planned to do farm work. They landed in Canada and her grandfathers forged papers were checked out and he was held in detention, while his pal was allowed to travel on.
Then he was put in quarantine for 40 days before being sent back to Cherbourg and from there he was to make his way home alone.
Quite an adventure for a boy of 15 years back in 1913

The other day in Santry I was on the way to the airport stopped at the lights, 4 or 5 ft from the jeep in front when it started rolling back. I jammed on my brakes thinking it was me who was rolling, but no it was her.
Crash !
When she got out I shouted "There you are talking on your fecking fone!"
She said "I was fixing the BABYS CHAIR" as if that excused everything, and she was most indignant that She should be blamed in the wrong. HANDBRAKE was all I could say.
There seemed to be no damage but now I look the spare wheel of the jeep broke a grille above the bumper.

Have to go and buy a new tyre, the one has a bald edge from being driven soft.
NCT coming up soon. I have to go to Drogheda for the test as the Dublin centers cannot see me for 2 months.

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