Saturday, March 02, 2013

Singing Nun

                                                       A singing nun, It must be spring.

                                            A tree in full flower

Well here we are and Joe public has a new toy, its an app called "Driver check"
You can put in the taxi reg or the roof sign number or the driver badge number and hey presto you have their details on your phone.
There is a report button you can press if everything is not Kosher.
Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next. Since the carriage office officials allows rogue cars to drive away and avoid checks, yet it will give some people confidence when things check out.

Its free, so check out Driver Check.

On my mornings work I follow routes where the buses are irregular, The HailO system often clicks in and sends me work as well.
Without the HailO system I would be looking for work in a different field.
It amazes me how many drivers "couldn't be bothered" to sign up.
Its great for drivers and for passengers. As you finish your job you are asked by the system to rate your passenger, the passenger also rates the driver, 0 to 5 stars.
One guy yesterday was upset that his driver only gave him 2 stars, he felt bad about it and wondered how he had offended him his card had a built in tip as well.
As you know Ireland is hosting the EU this year. It is not as bad as it used to be, coaches with outriders and fleets of brand new Audi cars zipping around to great amazement. I say that as what they are governing has turned into a farce, so many countrys are bankrupt, Ireland included.
What seems very obvious is that the people who caused the massive frauds will never be arrested, don't upset yourself by thinking that those people will suffer.
Ireland Greece Italy and Spain cannot rise ever again with massive debts and interest repayments hanging over us for the next 50 years. Raising taxes only pushes business into the black economy.

Anyhew (as they say in Canada) I often think that my job brings me the peoples of the world, soon I will have met people from all over the place. I will never forget the day I met 2 girls from Canada and I asked what ethnic group they were from. They were Inuit ladys. Eskimo to you and me.
As they were drawing their visit to a close I agreed to wave this taxi fare,buy them coffee and then bring them to the airport later just for the chance to learn how they lived in their houses made of snow.
It is a very tough life, but I won't bore you with it all here.
No, I did charge them for the airport trip and we didn't rub noses when we said goodbye.
Perhaps tonight Miss Lotto will smile for me tonight and allow me to travel to all those far off lands and see for myself where they all came from. I met a lady yesterday from "Central Eastern Europe" never heard of that country. Google earth is great for finding countries, bit its just not there,
But I am old guy and many Countries have emerged from the old USSR Ukraine Moldova Latvia Lithuania.
Maps are changing all the time Gaul, Hibernia and Caledonia have all been replaced, like Pounds Shillings and Pence.

Have a look at for a book by Gene Salomon called Confessions of a New York taxi driver.
His blog is called "Cabs are for kissing" the link is on the R/H side of this page.

This act won first prize in FIZM last year the camera work is not great, but it is wonderful to see it done live in Blackpool.
He did it in Circus for a year before he showed it to a magician.
Original and different it really is all that


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  2. Great magic act.
    BTW, if you have any Canadian customers that have not heard, Stompin' Tom Connors passed away yesterday.
    Musician, of Irish (then American) descent like so many are...defined the "Canadian Identity". Hoist a glass of CC in his memory.