Saturday, March 23, 2013

Panel beating !

I must give thanks to David Kenny and the great skill he has with hammer, welder, sander and spray gun.
A fantastic repair job on my wife's car and the price was great, really great, Thank you.
So you will find his workshop in the lane that runs up from the Clontarf Rd at the Yacht pub.
Mick Kenny Motors, 01 8338540 or 087 7963603. Tell him I sent you.
He can repair a plastic bumper as well !

It is very hard to find good tradesmen.

On Thursday I drove up to see my grandson in Northern Ireland, 2 hours each way and the weather was stormy. The weather on Friday was far worse with snow in Ulster and flooding in the republic.
Snow brought down power lines , here in the republic we had flooding the roads around Wicklow were completely impassable.The police were warm and snug inside, out of the rain and people were stranded for 3 or more hours in their cars. It would be nice if they would come out and divert traffic instead of letting people just sit there.
On Saturday morning I scouted around for work and found that the EU heads of state have taken over the  Westbury 4* hotel, no room for taxis there.
So I went off to trawl the mean streets. Down through Donnybrook I head over to St.Vincents hospital where my victim was walking out of casualty after being there all night.
His story was strange and disturbing.
He lives on Marlborough Rd and was going into his apartment when his next door neighbor asked him for a few cigarettes. He told him that he didn't smoke and the neighbor slashed him across the arm and back with a knife ! The thug is still being chased by the police. The victim got 11 stitches in the hospital and was starting to show signs of shock when we arrived back at his place, I carry medicated wipes in the car so I gave him a few to clean the blood off his hands.
You would never expect something like this to happen in the leafy suburbs of Donnybrook,but you never know when and where things like this will occur.
I had only turned on the HailO system again when I got the first job of the day from Donnybrook to the bus station.

You know over here things are tough, elderly people are gathering sticks in the park, and doing without.
While the con men  who caused all the bother are swanning around on massive pensions.

I am starting to do income tax, sorting out boxes and bags of receipts (Note to self ! Just do it every month)


  1. It's tax time over here as well.
    You have THE most interesting job!

  2. I was looking for that kind of job because that was my profession. I check it on the jobstar website and I found this panel beater tradesman jobs and it was available today. I hope that they hired me because I was really waiting for this opportunity.