Monday, March 25, 2013

A lady of the twilight

                       Near Portabello

                         Financial services center

I saw her on the other side of the road with blue jeans so tight that they must be painted on, she was crossing the road. I was waiting for the lights to change.
Then when she was right in front of me she signaled to me to see if I was free.
So I was off to Ballymun, near Ikea, She gave me her phone to show me the exact address It was on her phone along with the agreed price for her services !
She came from Romania young and very pretty,we made small talk as we went on. Then when I spoke about my children her personality lit up, She was 20 years old the same age as my youngest son.
Her Mother was from the Ukraine and her Mother and her sister spoke Russian.
But she didn't. Her English was good though.
The sex trade ubli has moved off the streets and onto the Internet. You can buy a woman, or a man or a transgender, transvestite as easily as a DVD.
The changes in the law making it an offense to pay for sex has been delayed as it passed through the parliament, so business is booming at present.
Still I would not send my 20 year old daughter off to a foreign land into the hands of criminals to be exploited,no matter how badly I needed the money.
Still I have highlighted one or 2 sites at the right hand side of my blog. If you take a look it might help you to put some understanding into your mindset.
In Thailand people traffickers buy young children as young as 8 years old to work in factory's. They can be further exploited in other ways when they get a little older,
On that subject a Chinese lady once confided that she worked as an agent for the sex trade and she said that the girls do very well and often marry well when they are in their 30s.
I jsut said that I hoped her own children might have the same wonderful chance in life.
End of conversation

So as we came up to the Travelodge hotel I told her to ring again and got final directions. He told me where to go. then "Is she pretty?" Very. I said.
We arrived at the apartment and she was gone.

So to the young lady I wish you luck,  You will need it.

Perhaps the next time we meet I will find the words you need to hear.


To all the people who were putting in comments I must say sorry.
You see some people were sending SPAM disguised as comments, one of my kids put on a comments filter  without telling me.
Then the other day I was told that I have over 800 comments waiting for clarification.
When I looked through them there are loads of them selling Viagra and offering massages etc.
So I deleted around 100 and it will take a while to go through the other 700.
So if your comment had a link attached its gone !
Some of your gems of wisdom went out with "Where to get new shinny bicycle"

I get at least one email from Nigeria every month offering me
"As a fine Christian man"
the chance of taking care of $1.8 million dollars US, or some other amount.

So you will be glad to know I sent them YOUR bank details to them,
your mothers maiden name and a copy of your driving licence as well..


You should have the money tomorrow.

 Euromillions draw has crossed the €110 million mark,
If you won that amount you could buy Cyprus.

When I was there a couple of years ago a guy who owned an Internet cafe told me this.
"What will they do?
They can't  lock us all up !
They sent me 11 credit cards and now they are all maxed out, they never asked me if I could pay
What will they do???? lock us all up?"
I just told him that he knew when he took the credit cards that he was borrowing money and it will have to be paid back.
He didn't care.

If you work in advertising you have to look for new jingles, catchy ideas all the time.
Here is one that the Canadians thought up. 

Good eh?

Just like a taxi driver ?

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