Monday, January 05, 2015

Christmas well gone

I forgot to put this in this Christmas.

Just to let you all know what Christmas often means to us.

January first fortnight has been declared as "Mental health fortnight"

It is very fitting when we read about a father who killed his wife and himself while almost killing his other daughter. Recently released from hospital he was cleared as being in a stable state of health to return home.
He was under severe pressure from the banks.
 I wonder how many calls it took from the bank to make him snap?
 All the banks want is their money, they will show no mercy.

A writer called Marsha Mehran died amid squalor in a rented cottage in Mayo.An Iranian lady she was a successful writer, loved and good looking. But she just slipped down the road where she stopped looking after herself.She had been dead for 2 weeks before the agent entered the house. Drugs were suspect bit no trace of drugs were found. Cause of death unknown as the body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Remember a few years ago body of the heiress of the Tetra Pack drink carton fortune was also found dead?
She had been wrapped up in plastic and tape. She had been dead for months when police came to call.
Both herself and her husband were drug addicts. Despite of all the help their parents employed they couldn't be stopped.
She had died and the husband was so far gone into the world of drugs that he wrapped up the body.

Some people you can help though.
If you are feeling mental health problems seek help look up the websites or see a doctor.

The other day I picked up two girls from the bus station going to Dawson St. They were really stunning looking girls. It turned out that they were Egyptian studying in America..I remarked that although they looked Egyptian there seemed to be something different and special about them.

"Our father is Irish, we were in Donegal for Christmas"
Wow! the boys in Donegal will never be the same again after seeing them.

I also remarked how their poor dad must have felt that he was struck by lightening when he first saw their mother back then in Egypt.

"The wonderful result of their meeting is before me now"

A wise man once told me that "All that exotic beauty that you see is in your genes, it is in your nature to look furthest from your own gene pool"  So that explains why all Polish women look wonderful.

I still think Google should do a

"Tribes of the World"

Click on  Ireland and get a cross section of what the locals look like.Then you could compare us with the people in Holland or Iceland or even Iran.
Alas in 10 years we will be all mixed up forever.
The Irish might be the new good looking people of the World like the Brazilians are right now.

I met a HailO virgin the other day. She was trying to get a taxi with no luck, then she downloaded the App
I was around the corner and was with her in 3 minutes. She told me that she gets a taxi every morning from Arran quay to Allexander road and the taxi drivers who use the rank are all in the casino instead of being in their taxis.
So she will be using HailO from now on.

Did you hear about Uber in Sydney?
People fleeing from the shooting/hostage situation had their taxi fares doubled and quadruped ( a surge in demand increases the cost)  People there are not too happy about the situation.

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