Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kokeshi doll....Child delete

Just thinking over the last week.
9/11 is not that long ago.
Remember the IRA killed hundreds of people in the name of Irish freedom..
It is really time to take stock of the situation.

As the bumper sticker said.

Make love, not war.
Ask driver for details.

Getting back to my own meaningless existence.
I picked up an absolute head case in Inchacore.
She had dark glasses and a scarf over her mouth, she came up at the lights, "What time is it? Good will you take me to the bank in Grafton St.? I will get money there and pay you OK?.
She got into the "Assassins seat" (the one directly behind the driver). Then she started talking to herself,  just loud enough to hear the odd word.
I was in dread all the way. As they say every day brings a new surprise!
Then when I pulled over to the Westbury hotel and there was no space to pull in.
"No no I want to go to the one on Stephens Green"she said.
This one is on Grafton St as you requested.
But it's closed down. No its not.
So I had to pull up between 2 trucks outside McDaids pub. I spoke to one of the drivers and I blocked her as she started to run past the bank door. I whooshed her in and she started to talk to the security guy, than she started to dance !
The security guy came out to me and I told him the story.
"She asked for the toilet, look out there is a back door here, I will stand behind her"
So it came to pass that she walked around and around.... Then she filled in a form, went to the counter and got money.
Bold as brass I stepped up to her and stopped her putting the money away into her pocket and took my €10 from her hand..

There has to be an easier way to make money.

Do you know what this is ?
Nether did I until someone from Japan found her in my house.
John this is a kokeshi doll  KO(Child)  Keshi(Delete)
Simply translated it means Child Delete !
They madke the doll in memory of the child.

At a time of famine the child would be taken into the wilds and be abandoned to die !
My kokeshi doll had been used for darning socks, then her body got lost.
No respect at all..

So when things are not quite going to plan, I look at her and I know it could be a lot worse.

Tomorrow I am off to Northern Ireland to a funeral, it is the last person of my Mothers family.
Quite an occasion. A milestone in my own history.

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