Monday, January 12, 2015


Sad news from France, terrorists and hostages killed !

This hatred and fear has united the French people, this has nothing to do with religion but it is the evil which is spawned through clerics of the devil who prey on the weak and disadvantaged.
All around Africa and the Arab world  law and order is breaking down, hundreds of thousands of people have fled from their homes seeking sanctuary in Europe only to find that they are ostracized from the people in their their new countries.

We have to mix. its the only way forward.

Every day I meet people of every color creed and nationality, I accept them as they are. People and we all learn from each other. Well this is how it should be.

Millions of people marched in Paris and London.In Dublin there was avery big march on a cold wet day.

A girl from Brazil once told me that "back home we don't have this racism like you have in Ireland , black, white, Chinese are all treated the same"
Perhaps in 200 years we might just get there.

 How do you like this Christmas card,it is pressed out and turns into a Church when opened.
  This is what will happen to you if you are grumpy. (Solomon gallery)
           A very bad photo of a very beautiful Brazilian girl

I got a really angry guy in the taxi today.. The call came and I was there in 2 minutes, after 3 minutes I rang him.. "Out soon"  at 5 minutes and 50 seconds I started the meter.
He came out and got into the car.
Then he told me his rights ! "You do not have the right to start the meter until you have been waiting 5 minutes .I had been waiting 7 minutes.
Well by law I have the RIGHT to have the meter running from the time I arrive, It is written on the fare card in the pocket of the seat in front of you... As a COURTESY to you HailO asks the drivers to give you 5 minutes free waiting but it is not a RIGHT. He held the phone in front of my face insisting that I had only delayed me by 4 minutes, but if I could have taken the time I could have argued the toss with him all day, but I am old enough that even if you win they are right..
So as he was coming up to his destination I told him that under the taxi regulator rules I also have the right to charge you €2 pick up fee (the cost of driving to his door) This put another bee in his hat, so I gave him the receipt from the printer and off he hopped.
People like him are drawing bad things towards themselves all the time.
Remember the very rude guy at  the flight check in?
Cursing and swearing the clerk smiled and sent him on his way.
The next guy said to the clerk.
"Wow mam you have some patience to deal with him so nicely"

The check in girl smiled and said "Well sit he is going to London, but his bags have gone to Tokyo"
Think of some things that Robin Sharmon has to say

r cool !

Only twice have I let someone get so far under my skin so far that I had to ask them to get out.
Boy was that a reality call for them.

Perhaps this might go some way to restoring your faith in humanity.

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