Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mad Dublin

 Modern day Dublin docklands
 I don't know if I have given you this before. Blackrock pub.
                               Harolds cross
At last a chip and pin that seems to work.

One thing about us taxi drivers all the world over.
 We see it all, the good the bad and the tragic.

The other day I was passing down a city street when I got that hail that all taxi drivers hate.
Outside a pub where one guy holds the door and they run inside to get your passenger.
 You can't pull away while they drag out your customer.
 Out they came 4 of them carrying my customer who was passed out. Someone tripped and they all came down...Just like someone in a movie they soon found out that gravity had tripled her weight and they couldn't pick her up again.
 Honestly they pulled and grunted and only when 3 other big strong men came out did they manage to elevate her into the car. 
"God what did I do to offend you?" came into my mind.
Then I noticed her shoes which were burst along the sides with holes in the soles, cheap threadbare track suit and a torn coat.
2 Guys got in and we went to her apartment. "Don't worry mate we are going back with you"So we arrived at her apartment block where a balancing act took place where they brought her up and inside. The neighbors passing by said "This is every night. Where does she get the money?" No one had a good word to say about her.
So the 3 guys came back, "She is a really fine lady, she comes into the pub and sits in the snug talking to her friends, then she forgets how much she had to drink until it is too late. Her husband is in hospital and he will be coming out in an oak waistcoat. (dead)
 Her son was killed in Australia last year and she will be on her own very soon.
I had turned off the meter and they threw me €10 extra on top of the €5 which I had been paid..
    The city streets throw everything at us. 

A friend of mine was disgusted at a young guy of around 18 years old. 
The kid was a heroin addict. 
Life going down the tubes quickly.
His mother died and his father was alcoholic. "Jesus Son cop yourself on, look at you? Young with all your life before you. You will be dead in a year the way you are going on" 
I can imagine Sean laying down the law to him .
He gave the lad his number and told him if he wanted help to ring and he would stand by him.
 Most good taxi drivers have all the right (and wrong) telephone numbers.  
The best of us go that extra mile.
Come to think of it the worst of them go that extra mile too 
(the long way round)
Fr.McVerry is the only person helping young male drug addicts. God bless him. He will tell you it is hit and miss all the time.

So you thought you had problems?

The city is getting more like the USA every day..
The other day people reported a disturbance and a woman being taken into a car against her will.
Later on a woman came into a filling station in a distressed state to buy cigarette. Two policemen were inside and they approached her. When they went outside the man drove away. Crashing at the Spa Well roundabout where he stood with the gun pointing at his own head. Then he shot himself, he died today.
Parents killing family and friends have become more common.

Things were better when Apples and Blackberry's were just fruit.

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