Saturday, March 07, 2015

36 hours in London

 A sheet of laminated glass fractured, so this gang arrived to replace it, very little change from 3 grand I reckon

 Beside the Board Gas theater we have Facebook.

 From Blackpool the birthplace of Jaguar cars read the story (Click here)

The magician walks up to an empty packing case and puts down his briefcase,undoes the catches and stands back while a grown man pops up his head and waves to us,Join the magic circle !

This week I went to London and rented a van to move my sons belongings to his new home.
The Satnav took me through London without making a mistake, science (when it works) is a wonderful thing.
The return trip finished with a really hard landing in Dublin. It reminded me of the old joke.
" A good landing is when you can walk away from the aircraft
A great landing is when you can use the plane again"

Ask Harrison Ford about that.

So now it is down to attacking the bundles of receipts and doing my taxes.

Anyhow this makes me think a guy from Persia a good few years ago who had moved his operation over here after the downfall of the Shah of Iran. It was like a military operation he told me, converting the cash into art works and gold and bringing it half way across the world.
Now at the end of the tax year he had paid  £1 million in tax and he owed them £8,000 more which he said he would pay next month. The tax official told him that they would have to calculate penalties and interest on the balance.
He turned to me and said
" We have invested a lot of money in this country, this will make money and create employment for years to come. No one from any government agency came to advise us or help us in any way.
They did nothing to earn these taxes which I have paid, they said that the arrears must be paid or I would have to pay penalties and interest.  There is no fairness or justice in this."

He borrowed the outstanding amount and swore that they would be employing good accountants and they would be lucky to get 1/2 that amount next year.

It is a bit unfair that you work and other people reap your rewards.(or should that be rape)

We have hundreds of people loosing their homes here in Ireland, one trophy home which has a floor space of 9,000 square ft.called Gorse Hill on Vico Rd. Dalkey this house which was valued at around €15 million is in the middle of a repossession storm at present.
The banks gave the owner around e70 millions to invest in property he has gone burst owing hundreds of millions.
You and I will be picking up the tab, not one bank official will have their pensions or bonuses taken back.
But you and I (who had no part in any of this) will be told to pay back this money.

Did you see the photo of the puppy that looks like Hitler?

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