Thursday, March 12, 2015

The St. Patricks day festival

I had been having trouble with my mobile phone freezing and not working in general.
So I stopped into a phone shop,
"Buy a new phone" was the retort.
Then I went to Andrew who works in the internet cafe at the bottom of Philipsburgh ave,
He took the phone,"turn it off or it will go on fire,the battery is faulty"
So with a new battery fitted it was not right, then Andrew backed up my phone on his computer, wiped the phone, upgraded the operating system and put all my stuff back on.
Everything is perfect again,
HailO is sending me work again.

Today is the 12th 5 days to go until St.Patrick's day

A few days ago I sent an email to my girl who supplys me with city maps.
I give them to customers and give hundreds to other taxi drivers.
Well I hardly believe it but she told me that they don't distribute the maps to taxi drivers any more.
If I wanted to give maps to my customers I should take them from hotels or I should go to the tourist office.

There are  loads of videos on you tube about how the different branches in the hospitality industry have decided to make this the best Paddy's day ever.

Take a click here to see some of what will be happening (Without  maps )

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