Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reality check

 One big event in the week was the solar eclipse
But God did a great sunset !

What fantastic weather we are having at present.
A girl from Norway once told me that the weather changes here every hour, but you Irish are amazed by the weather all the time.. That is true, but it is fantastic now.

I had a bad start to my day today. A flat wheel ! Then the nuts had been tightened by an asshole mechanic and I could not shift them..
Well in the end I did it. I fixed the hole which was caused by a nail.

We have an expression in our house.

"Perhaps it broke a bigger cross"

Meaning that the bolt of lightening only hit the Tyre and did no more harm..

I had a good morning and pulled into a local hotel to get the papers and a coffee, there I met a college who works  every day God sends and never complains.
After a few words I showed him a photo of my granddaughter, then he told me about his grandson.
Sixteen years old he had passed away from a brain tumor in Florida before Christmas.
In Ireland we have a failing health system, over there in the USA the mighty $ rules.
And if you are poor you are well and truly fucked.
Over here our system is failing the people but for certain  illnesses like cancer your treatment is nearly free.
By the miracle of Ifones John let me see a short documentary about his grandson as shown on TV in Florida....
Something like that when it is shared brings you back to reality.

A flat wheel at home with my tools ready is nothing compared to a brain tumor in a 16 year old child.
John is a great guy he never moans, works hard and has a great laugh with all his customers, you would never think he had a problem in his life.

So I shook out my feathers and worked a great day in the sunshine of Dublin

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