Sunday, January 17, 2016

A little scam

Simon Lovell was one of the stars of that piece.

A British magician

Look at him here.

A taxi driver picks someone and gets beaten up robbed in Lucan and his taxi hijacked...
Reg,131D9768  Roof sign 24895 Silver Skoda Superb If you see it report it.

So when the guys involved are caught they get a 2 year suspended sentence and laugh at the poor taxi driver on their way out of the court.

Now look at this.

He was caught by the police and the video went viral.
The punks boss called him in and said "Hit the road Jack, you're fired"

Now go to YouTube and see him cry big crocodile tears.


Just a tip for you drivers out there..  CS gas or Pepper spray are illegal, so is a stun gun.

You know your bad shoulder might need that Deep Heat spray from time to time.?

Well cut 3 inches of thick string and run it down from the back of the nozzle.
Take masking tape from the top to the back of the aerosol covering the thick string, a small piece of tape to stop the nozzle turning, now when you take the aerosol into your hand you know instantly which way it is pointing.

Suddenly in an attack you are back in the driving seat.

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