Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Uber has bigger plans, starting in Limerick


 From the back of a New York bus before Christmas.

There will be big trouble ahead for taxi drivers in Ireland if Ubers plans go ahead.
They are opening up Uber to ride sharing using ordinary cars.
This means that un vetted people will be logging on and picking up.
Uber says that they will cover the public liability aspect of the insurance, but they do mot have a license to pick people up.

Prepare to smell gun smoke !

Just Google Uber driver and you will see what I mean.
Look at what is just happening in Paris,,,, and not for the first time.
Uber Pop is what will be coming to Limerick.

Click here to read more.
While you are at it take a click here

There is a lot more on YouTube

Its ok for me I am about to retire, but driving a taxi in future will hold no kudos for anyone.
It will be a race to the bottom for the worst transport service in the world.

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