Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lotto dreams

This fantastic speed boat was on O'Connell St last Wednesday.
I feel that it was there to advertise the Lotto, or perhaps we are going to get ocean racing in Dublin.
Princess Caroline of Monaco married a playboy who loved to race these beasts, he almost bankrupted the principality before he got killed, which brought his lavish lifestyle to an end.

Expensive beasts for sure..

I am cutting back with the taxi work. the house and garden take a few hours out of each day.
It needs to be done and I am cheaper than the bought in help.

For conversation I often in the taxi I might throw in "Where are you going now?"
Job interview seems to come in a lot at present.
Two guys last week from Google were going to Bangalore in India for a wedding

Then "What are you hoping to do?" brought in an unusual answer from a girl today.
She said she hopes to do nursing, she had done a junior nursing course but she had a traumatic experience and had to give it up. "It was a stillborn baby and I wasn't expecting it. I went into shock and had to give it up, next year I will start again, I am much stronger now"

All our lives are like planets spinning and revolving around our suns, some we get close to to have a look at what is going on.

This time next month Blackpool magicians convention will be over.

Just to give you a taste of the North of England sense of humor I will give you this.

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