Sunday, January 31, 2016

Look after the poor.

                               A highly nervous person lives in this yellow house in Crumlin 6 cameras

A really good one the other day.
A celebrity chef gets into a taxi, at the journeys end he says "I have no change, I will pay you later.You know who I am?"
As quick as a flash the driver said we will go to the Garda station and we will take it from there.
Then the conversation went over and back. Look said the taxi driver I will need proof that you said you would pay me later. "But I only have a €50 note."
"That's fine, give it to me and I will give you the change when I see you again".
Big change of attitude.

I know the guy and he is a complete asshole, I would love to capture him on video and plaster him all over YouTube....  His celebrity days are numbered.

There is a saying "Be kind to people on the way up. They will remember you and be kind to you on the way back down".For some it is a very short journey.

I got a reality check today a rough enough guy waving down the taxi. I paused and stopped.
He turned around to a woman with a buggy, he was so happy.
"We have been trying to get a taxi for ages, we have been in Temple since 7pm last night and were wrecked.
Springarden St.please"
I felt a right heel but he looked like a junkie and you never know.
On arrival with €6.50 on the clock I asked for €5 "No son take a €10"
"I want to give you some good luck so take the fiver back, buy a treat for the child."
Only then would he take it back, there is a hell of a gap between the rich and the poor. The poor look after the workers,I suppose they know what it is like to work hard for little money.
Contrast that to a client getting out on Westminster Rd, 2 Jags in the drive and they put out their hands for 20c change.

Last night I had a girl from Sweden in the car, her accent was strange. She came from Persia (Iran).
I couldn't see her face in the dark and as I helped her out with her bags I saw her face, beautiful black hair and dark eyes, "Wow you look amazing and your black hair is so strong."
"Its a strange fact of life, In Sweden they find me very attractive. But I want to have blue eyes,fair skin and blond hair. We always want what we haven't got"She said laughing

On that subject someone in Ireland won €66 million in the Euromillions jackpot.
I kid you not about telling people, everyone changes towards you when you inherit a windfall like that.

If you win it tell no one, give a bit to the homeless and to Fr.McVerry to help in his fight against drugs. As Chuck Feeney once said "Anyone could live on $3 Million, so give away the rest"

By the way he has funded education in Ireland to the tune of €1.5 Billion A hell of a guy.

I just found this.

In Ireland, the list of educational projects associated with Atlantic is enormous:
€13.5 million to develop Boole Library at UCC;
€20.5 million for the Tyndall National Institute;
 €22.2 million for The Helix at DCU;
€13.1 million for Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience;
€9.1 million for TCD Ussher Library;
€9.8 million for the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science at NUI Galway;
€21.9 million for UL’s Bernal research project.
On it goes.
“No buildings bear Chuck’s name,” notes Atlantic’s chief executive, Christopher G Oechsli, “though in a couple, someone managed to sneak a plaque on to a wall . . . But Chuck has been clear about this. He has been known to insist that, if a name is to appear somewhere on a plaque or honour roll, it be the name of another donor who was willing to take his challenge to contribute in a big way.”

Yes and when I met him he gave me a €5 tip.

January is gone ! Wow so many flowers are open its mad.

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