Monday, August 22, 2016

A really big day out is coming

    The box my newest toy came in
      A picture to show the view front and back
                 Dublin bay from the South wall.

        Where did I hear that name before ? click here Yes and the office is opposite HailOs office

Once upon a time in Australia a Palliative nurse wrote a blog and then a book.

At the moment you are going to die. What do you regret?
The book was called "Regrets I've had a few"

No one wished they had worked more.
How do you think it worked out.
So at the bottom of the page I will give you a link to click on.

I visited my tax accountant and soon in the click of a mouse he will say "You owe the IRS !!"
I didn't know I was so successful.
I had this blonde in the car who talked all the way through the journey to her phone, she hardly told me where she was going. Then in Marino a car cut out from in front of a bus. You could see on the camera that he was looking the other way. 
The look on her face is priceless. 
But I won't show it to you. 
If I crash and die the chip will be my witness, my unblinking witness.

Boys and girls...The big day is coming for the big day out for taxi drivers, 1,000 + taxis bring special needs kids out for the day.
13th September from around 10am.
You know the drill  The Garda band and a big parade through town off to Leapordstown for a big party. 
Book your place to take part  087 1213344 and 086 3701215
This year we will not leave behind little Tommy sitting in his wheelchair. All the kids will be brought.
Its a great thing to do !

Regrets ??? Click here 

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