Wednesday, August 03, 2016

London calling

                     The Tower of London
                                  Tower bridge
                                  Stephensons train "Rocket"
                               Modern London all glass and steel
 The undertaker said "I cater for many religions" as I was taking the photo the man behind me said
"It will be a big surprise to us all when we rise from the dead only to find that there is only one door into heaven"

London is such a great city, so easy to get around in. You get your Oyster travel card and off you go.
Since we were there last 4 years a lot has changed, they were getting ready for the Olympic games, now it is the turn of Rio.

One quote that stays with me at present was in a Japanese restaurant (A chain) The green tea came in a cracked container. I called over the waiter and pointed out the crack.
"Don't worry sir it wont break, its only cracked on one side"
I said that a crack in a cup or plate is packed full of bacteria, no sorry or anything.
He brought me a glass cup with no cracks.
Near our hotel in Canary Wharf a "Greasy spoon place" was serving full English breakfast and it looked really bad.
I asked them if they did cereal and fruit. The look of shock said it all and as I walked out two lady's were walking away from their uneaten breakfast.
How was it I asked.

Greasy soggy and disgusting they said.

Perhaps I am the really stupid one, but I would lay odds that they will not be there next year.

I have to have my tax return done by mid week, it is a pain in the head the whole thing.

It reminds me of a taxi driver who became a comedian, after a few nights out his act took off !
He went everywhere, then he decided that he should contact the revenue.
So you are a comedian now are you?
Did you make any money?
You did!!! 
This is what you have to do.
Add up all the money you took in.
Deduct expenses, hotels,food, mileage etc.

Then subtract your expenses from your earnings and 
send us a check for that exact amount  

No joke that

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