Saturday, August 13, 2016

Iron man coming

 Divers wait their turn to jump into the Liffey from the Sam Beckett bridge
 Nelsons Pillar looking over Trafalgar Square. We had one but we blew it up.
  London skyline, plenty of cranes
 This was used by Ernest Walton to crank up the voltage to split the atom.
In these days of safety at work it would never have happened.

Well another week is coming to an end, enjoy the weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!For me it is just another day.

The Iron man race will take place on Sunday click here for road closures.

Did you hear about the motorcycle cop who saw a skanger riding along the quays on a fancy bike.
The Garda was into cycling and noticed that this was a special down hill racing bike. He chased him and the skanger abandoned the bike.. It belonged to 2 German tourists, stolen from the back of their car and was worth more than €12,000, the price of a good second hand car.

Such a move is now on now with the Spanish, Italian, Spanish, French and Brazilian language students heading home after the summer break. They could be seen coming out of Carrolls gift shops with their green bags full of plastic Leprechauns.This time they will remember for all time.
 It will be no time at all until the Swallows gather on the power lines to discuss their flight plans. Swallows from Ireland fly right down through Africa to South Africa while we have our winter.
Nature is wonderful.

The GAA world games were played yesterday in Croke Park. Teams from all over the world competing.
I had 4 girls over to it who had worked in Saudi Arabia and Dubai where they were on GAA teams while they lived there.

Imagine trying to play this game in 40o

I had my first passenger playing Pokemon live..
Take a look at this

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