Thursday, September 01, 2016

A busy weekend ahead

      A tricky photo shoot 
The Christmas pantomime is coming

This morning in Dublin at 5.30 am God produced a sight for me.
The sky had more than 1000 colors and the sky was what they call a "Buttermilk Sky"
Turner painted sunrises and sunsets, the picture above is one of his.

Perhaps there is a future for mankind.

I hope so.

So the weekend brings Electric picnic Then American Football Georgia College and Georgia Tec
Well if that was not enough already we have the All Ireland hurling final.

I went for my car test but it failed because of a faulty CV joint, it is fixed now.

So on the other hand Apple they reckon owes us €13 billion in tax.
No No No the government says we will appeal the judgment.
The clown that allowed Brussels to crucify us when the banking crisis came have once again been proved as a shower of idiots.

Michiel O'Leary Ceo of Ryanair once said

"This country will never prosper as long as the people who live there continue to elect the village idiot to power". 
He is right. 
They are all a total waste of space.

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