Monday, September 12, 2016

Childrens special day out tomorrow

 JFK Will greet you from his statue in New Ross
 A fine photo (Not mine)
 This young lady is a rising star. Her name is Aoife McAuley Stamp and her band
Identity Theft can be found on Facebook  and YouTube
This is the new lock which prevents the robber from snapping off the front of the lock.

not that much going on but a really interesting person got into my taxi on Sunday.
She was going 75 meters, still a job is a job.
Did you ever see someone who had spent a fortune turning back the clock?
This was her, no facial expression what so ever. But she hadn't had the lips done.
So at journeys end the fare was €4.10.
She looked and looked. I had come around to help her out of the car and in her handbag I saw something that I only noticed many years ago. A lot more than €2 million  in her bag.
One inch thick wads of €500.€100. €200 and €50s
I told her that we should go to have a god time. "Its not my money" she said.
Madam I am an honest person, for Gods sake get a money belt, don't carry cash like that in your bag, split it up into different pockets.
When I helped her across the road I noticed that she had the most fantastic pair of breasts that you could imagine.

It is really sad.
This has to be hot money in the hands of a very ill person.
If she looses it she is dead.
If she delivers it the operations to turn back time continue.

The last time I saw that it was an Italian girl and her whole face had reacted to her surgery.
She really frightened me,but you could see that once she was really very beautiful. She wore a huge fur coat with a hood which was probably worth more than my house.
I remember telling her that I hoped that things would work out.

Vanity is an awful flaw.

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