Monday, September 26, 2016

Ready to rock and roll for another year

Your taxi license has to be renewed every year, to do this you have to get a tax clearance cert,Then the car has to do its NCT test then you get it passed out if everything comes up to the mark.
It all adds up and in the middle of it all the bank stopped my credit card. "Unusual activity" .
I had to go over all transactions over the last 6 weeks.
By the way if you are going abroad tell them, I had my card stopped in New York and its all cards there.

But I know that there are fake taxis around, we have an app here in Dublin called "Driver check"
You put in the reg or the roof sign number and you get the driver details. Often it comes back blank, or a completely different driver.
In the good old days one enterprising person cloned his car 30 or more times, they were rented out.
They were all lifted and brought in to Dublin castle yard.
The brains behind the operation fled off to Spain as far as I can remember.

As far as I am concerned anyone driving a taxi
For everyone's safety.
In Spain you have to have lived there for 6 or so years. Have a crime free background. Be fluent in Spanish and have a full Spanish driving license, then you do the taxi test and off you go.

If someone is driving a taxi and he is not the named driver or is not qualified to drive a taxi he should be taken off the road and arrested. Then the car should be crushed because it was not being driven by a qualified driver therefore it is not insured for purpose.
In England they are still in shock about a taxi driver who may have murdered 8 women.
I don't want things to get any worse than it is already.

I had a customer whose sister was put into hospital and her partner finished up in a coma for 6 weeks,the car crashed between Sutton and the Airport at Christmas time , the driver was foreign and knew nothing about driving on ice.
The girl told me that they never got a penny as the driver was driving his brothers taxi.
But I know you can claim from the insurance beuro.

Here is a video, get a mug of tea and watch it all.
Its really good

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