Wednesday, July 26, 2017

2 days back in the world

Add caThis is what happens when you dont pay attention and a tree jumps on to the road
Where do monkeys play billiards?
A work of art in the clouds

As you might know I changed my car to a 3rd generation Prius.
I had not intended to change over but as I couldn't sell the cars I imported from Japan so I took them in and I changed cars.
Timing is everything and I made a mess in my planning. I was going to have the new car wrapped in the "Mytaxi" logo and then I was flying off to Holland, things did not work out and I found myself out of work for about a month.
Driving a taxi is mostly cash, buy petrol..Cash..Buy and so on.
No work, no money, no fun....
But I am back and I am not a whinger for sure.

I came out of the starting blocks like a winner.

I never complain to my passengers. If i knew their troubles I would have a breakdown for sure.
A lady told me that she was going to Tallagh, on the way she told me that she had been reared by the nuns until she was 14,Christ, my life was blessed when compared to hers.
Her husband of 36 years had died from cancer and now she was returning from a retreat with the nuns down the country.

I can tell you if I wrote about 10% of my passengers my blog would run to volumes.

A girl told me about someone in her club who had cancer and it was not good. He had a 2 year old child and they decided to do some fund raising for him and his dependents, so they opened a crowd funding website and raised a few thousand euro.
Then someone from America pointed that the organisers take 8% of the money collected, since then they have held auctions and quizzes and ALL the money went to him.
I am glad that I didn't have to give up my life at 30.

A Google girl got in going to a funeral home in Raheny.
Her grandfather had died.
A lot of religions stress that death is the start of a happy journey.
It is sad that they passed over, but what a legacy they left behind.
The life they had hoped for was full of adventure,and we all have to die.
Do not fear death, rather celebrate a great life.
She was happy getting out.

One of the last jobs of the day was to the airport and we got on together like a symphony.
His favorate movie and mine are the same Cinema Paradeso.
He even used the music in his wedding ! Wow

If you know nothing of this movie,?
Find time to discover it.

While you are at it don't laugh at the fat guy

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