Friday, October 20, 2017

Brian the breeze is coming with force 10 gales

A crane is assembled in Dundrum, a delicate balancing act where one wrong move could be a disaster.

The French ambassadors residence

Are you ready for Halloween?

This flying saucer landed on my lawn..There were no survivors 

The wind has risen again, but we will see.

I was loading up my wifes car when a girl from Brazil implored me to take her into town.
Her second day in Ireland.
Fabiola is her name.
She had no contacts here at all so I got her number and I put her in touch with my Brazilian contacts.
You have to sympathize with her, imagine coming here alone from beautiful sunny weather to this windy wet place.

Every day I travel the world, except the world comes to me.
I like this about the new Ireland.
We once had to set sail to travel the world as there was nothing here.
Thank God that I can support my family not like the unfortunate homeless people of Dublin.
Sister Stanislos Kennedy was at an award ceremony yesterday, she along with Fr.McVerry have given their life's work to helping the homeless.
A new scheme has now been put into place called "Home first"
You take the homeless person and house them add supports then you start to treat their addiction .

The waste of life on Dublin streets is a shame.

" Look into the addicts eyes.
What do you see?
The eyes are the window of the soul.
Can you see? Hell!" 

Every taxi driver who has an ounce of compassion has tales of wasted lives.
One guy years ago before mobile fones became popular used to meet the girls at the Spar in Bagott St. He would look after their bags and money. He would be there 3 or 4 times during the night.
Then in the morning he would bring them home.
The tragedy was that his wonderful daughter once became an addict and died alone after a beating.
For him it was a task of redemption, I am sure he helped some of them a lot. 

Perhaps he turned some of their lives around as well.

One thing for sure don't be too fast to judge other people. 

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