Saturday, October 28, 2017


Denis Segrue got into my taxi and I said something which unchained a story of his which was totally incredible.

"If you don't believe me look for the book"
"The Russians are coming" 
I looked it up and whatever the website did it didn't ask for money! 
I dropped a note and a few weeks later the book arrived.
"No charge, thanks for making the effort to look" 

Now you can buy it in Kindle form for 99c.

Here is the plot.
Denis has a business in Russia where he lives with his wife.
He was building a device to measure the strength of radio signals for mobile phone networks and was doing business with US software and electronic companies.
Suddenly some of his contacts dried up, calls were not returned etc.
So he packed his bag and flew over.

He bought some chips and other bits, he checked his paperwork and headed for Shannon to see his Daddy on the way home to Russia.
He was called to First Class and arrested as being a SPY.

"The biggest spy ring uncovered in US history".

The story about who was driving the prosecution, then the cover up and the lies told is entirely beyond belief. 

Then in the end of the book you find who was behind it all.

The best 99c you will ever spend. 

One thing that brings all this to mind is a high court case which is kicking off in Dublin. 
A Mr.Bright who worked for ESB networks was sacked as a threat and  danger to Irish and British power networks was sacked as a threat to security. 
Now in the courts they must prove it. 

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