Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Then Mothers day

Well St.Patrick's day seems to have been a big hit in Dublin, New York, Cumbria, Canada and wherever Green is worn.
This BIG telly was for the big rugby match.
Now when my lotto comes in this is the kind of telly I will get, .
F*** those ones who boast with their flat screens.
The second one is from my camera phone showing the snowstorm that struck with thunder and lightening on Sun. Sent all the shoppers into taxis.
Mannah from heaven.
Then on Monday night thousands of people descended from the heavens with delayed flights.
There must have been 3/400 people at a time waiting. Our airport has no rail link.
I did what I could but we were all dead beat after the few hectic days.
You know that if we had brains and refused to pay for the pick-up permit the DAA would be forced to let taxis in for free!

I got a letter from the Samaritans today with window stickers for taxis.
A couple of years I had a beautiful girl in the car who as it turned out had just slashed her wrists.
She was going to the hospital and as we were going there she told me her story.

I really couldn't help her but I asked her if she had ever herd of the Samaritans?
She had never herd of them and I had not got their number.
It was a fantastic sunny day and I spoke with her for about an hour,me sitting in the doorway of the Scudo taxi her on the back seat about 4 feet away,I had my back to her most of the time so as not to be a threat.
I get a lot of stick when I say she was the daughter I would have loved to have had (I have 3 sons)but yet again.
It is true

She had a lot of problems a lot of her hurt came from the way her parents were dealing with her.

When she got out of the taxi (another freebie) I went home.

I looked up the Samaritans and wrote to them asking them to print out business size cards with Samaritans details.
Taxi drivers could carry them.
Because you never know what will happen next.
Perhaps an A4 poster for every doctors surgery would be a good idea !.
Now they have issued stickers for taxi back windows.
All thanks to me.
Mind you its not me but what drives me!

I hope she gets the help she wants, or peace in heaven.

The same number of people die in car crashes as die by their own hand.
People who kill themselves leave such fear and despair behind them.

4 good people who I knew and one who I had spoken to just before he died.

Ruari a good guy, great job,beautiful wife and fantastic house.
Laughing and joking asked me to come for lunch." Some other time" I said "Its now or never" were the last words he spoke to me.
An hour later he was dead.
Hung himself.
It was 2 weeks later when I knew he was dead.

People who have decided on this course of action get very elated and it is very hard to pick up that they are happy because they have found the solution to their problems.

So sometimes when you are driving around try to take in the bigger picture.

Think Why is this person going to Beachy Head. Or the Severn Bridge, or even Howth Head.

Get a small business card from your branch of the Samaritans, keep it on the dash.

One last thing.
Young people have run up incredible debts.
Go to the bank they will negotiate with you.
Failing that go bankrupt!
They fear that the most.

But don't top yourself because they gave you money which you couldn't afford in the first place.

Lighten up!
This chap sees the sign .
suits 10.0
jackets 6
trousers 4

So he walks into this shop in London.

I want 2 suits.
4 pairs of trousers
and an overcoat!

Your Irish aren't you says the shop man?

How did you know that ?

Very easy really ,this is a dry cleaners shop


  1. Good idea on the cards from the Samaritans, I think every taxi should have a supply of them and some from the Citizens Advice Bureau. I think I will make enquiry's this side and see if I can get hold of some.

  2. John thanks for posting on the blog. Can you send me your e mail ,maybe we can do something on the radio here in Behans New York.