Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bull running

We could go to this OR

Or we could go for a pint.

I keep looking around for things to do this summer, exciting things, different things.

The running of the bulls is over in Pamplona.
Did you see the Irish guy who got flattened and finished up between the bulls front legs? Lucky lad

OK Just five minutes of frantic action !

You can live a lot in just 5 minutes.

Here is one (click here)I don't know how to embed it, but it is violent, or intense.

This is the crack in the South of France,

By the way happy Bastille day!

Just thought you had to see the Bulls before it was old hat. If you are going there let the bulls pass by first,then run after them!!!!

Well the madness of our summer continues,sunshine and cloudbursts!

They say that water is the new oil...WERE RICH.

If you live in New York or close by this lot are looking for runners to carry sponsorship cards. Half marathon Aug. 16 Manhattan taxi drivers(or anyone else) its your time to shine.

Well the next bit is more bull

Same old crap going on, you can't get on to a rank and when you decide to chance tagging on to the end you are moved on or worse still you are fined e40 or more.

We went from around 3,000 taxis to more than 16,000 taxis, the city did not grow X6 times, but the unemployed did grow by that amount. Add to that we had a system where the borough you were able to work in could be identified by your roof sign.
Not any more, you can come into the city from around and work and the regulator with her NINE ENFORCERS are doing nothing to enforce the rules.

Add into the cauldron that taxis are being hired out,to lets say, Bob who has a PSV licence, Bob lets 3 of his "friends"(who have no PSV licence) drive the taxi.So he buys the Evening Hearld again and rents 3 more taxis, because he has a lot of friends.This time he can get another 9 guys driving at say e60 per shift.
His mates don't speak English or do they know Dublin,

Total Chaos.

What do we the legal drivers get?

Complaints to beat the band that's what.

Don't forget these guys are not insured and they don't pay tax either.

So I am not best happy on your behalf, I hope you don't have kids coming home into the future taxis will not be safe unless you personally know a driver (Daddy).

I saw a notice that the taxi regulator sent out a tender for a PR company to handle her PR (post etc),

e600,000 or 900,000 I can't remember which, I get dizzy when I see too many zeros.

They will compose nice letters tothe customers who complain.

Dear sir,
with reference to your letter on the 16 th I am disappointed that your were taken through Killarney and back by the Rock of Cashel on your way in from the airport to Cabra.I can assure you I will investigate your case fully.

Mise le mas,

Kiss Me Arse

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