Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summertime and the livin is easy

The concert goers arrive for the buses to Oxygen..

Oxfam put up a sand sculpture, when I went to take a photo he to me he was "deconstructing" it. I said "Marmalaide, I can use big words too"

This is the new statue to Sean Russel which has just been renewed. The stone statue which was there had its head cut off twice! Now look at the mess. The money would have been better used to pay a social worker not bloody statues.

Great to be back, but with the great depression things are bad for us all.
I will count my blessings and not dwell on the dark side.

When I was in Cyprus I took a taxi ride for around 500 yards and the taxi driver demanded e10. The following row involved him screaming and shouting at me telling me that if I didn't like it I could go home! He wouldn't give me his name or show me his licence. I pulled a towel off the meter which wasn't even turned on.

Taking umbrage at his attitude and in an effort to get fair play for other people I decided to complain to the people who control these matters.
The hotel manageress rang the powers that be.
I wrote a letter and faxed it to the carriage office. Then I had to go to the police station which took 1/2 the day in 35c heat.

Well you cynics are right that was just another waste of time.
Not even a call to tell me they were HOT ON THE CASE.

So in Cyprus you stand at the taxi,"How much to Limassol please?
Say he says e15, you say e7 and as you walk off he might settle for 8...But on the meter it might be 5. This is what we will be heading for here, drivers ripping off passengers all the time and the powers that be doing nothing about it.

Ah the youth heading off to Oxygen A great weekend will be had by thousands and they will return covered in mud and have to ring mummy to come and collect them because the bold taxi man won't let them into his clean car.I wouldn't mind going to see a few of those acts myself.

While I was away there was the international street performers competition, there is some great stuff at that, saw it one year when the kids were smaller.

Gangland shootings are going on and on. The govt are going to bring in new jury less courts to deal with intimidation of jurors and witnesses.
Anyhow all the prisons are full, If you had a few bob to invest you could start building private prisons and make a fortune. I met a guy from Texas once who worked in a private prison and it was no holiday camp for sure.

Bernard Madoff the fraudster from New York was sent down for 150 years jail. Perhaps he might remember where he stashed some of the billions which are still missing.
Next in line would be the accountants, why was there no checks and balances in the movement of the cash?

If I think I had any problems it would shrink when compared to loosing your life's savings, such an arrogant man too.

I was reading a bit of the biography of Stephen King author of Carrie etc. Threw that script in the bin. His wife took it out and read it,he made changes and got $400,000 for the paperback rights, then the film...Got to keep trying.

Guess what? my first ride today was a Lotto winner, he was an usher in the Dial and a group of them scooped the jackpot a while ago..I feel that the luck might rub off on me...The second fare is heading off to Vagas in a few weeks.. My hope is to go there soon.
I love magic and would like to see Geoff Hobbs again.

One thing about staying in a posh hotel is you have room service to clean your room.

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