Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two fingers to U2

The ferry is in.
When the ferries come in from 5.30 am they deposit 10 miles of traffic on to the roads.

City hall form Castle St

Google offices to the left, Barrow st behind and the gasometer in front.
Changing Dublin

Just a note about the departure of the U2 show from Croke Park.
The people who live in the area have had their lives put on hold for over three weeks. Their homes have been put under siege and the concerts were very noisy.
They requested 2 concerts only the GAA for the money gave U2 3 concerts, then to add insult to injury they gave the show a a 40 hour bon stop working permit to dismantle the stage.

This was cranes whirring through two nights and days without a break.

The locals blocked the exit and prevented the fleet of trucks leaving.
This resulted in the stage missing the ferry and the deadline for the next show and it also means that the pitch will not be back in place in time for the next scheduled matches.

You see, people power.

No one won.

Its good to talk.

Here is an interesting website It might help the people of Galway who are fighting Shell at present.

I had an interesting one about a Latvian girl going out the Navan Rd after the last concert.
After the usual "How are you? Where are you from? Do you like Dublin?"She told me that it was so hard trying to survive on the money she was making as she had to send so much money home.

"My mother and stepfather have so little to live on."

I felt like I knew where this might be leading to so I told her a story.

"Once there was a guy "Tommy" who decided to become a thief to help his parents who were very poor.
He was very good at his job and soon everyone in the house had new clothes a good television and a very nice kitchen.
His father bought a truck and started delivering oil to farmers and houses in the area. Then Tommy bought him a new truck and expanded his operation.
When Tommy's sister decided to get married Tommy even bought the couple most of the materials for the new house.

Then as is the way of these things he got caught, convicted and sent to jail.

When Tommy was in Mountjoy prison he rang his father to come to visit him, his dad wouldn't go, he rang his sister to ask that she bring him some cigarettes, she wouldn't go."

So after all his efforts he spent his time in prison alone and when he got out he went back home to his parents.

"For all the money I provided to this family you re payed me by shunning me when I got caught. That hurt me a lot at a time when I needed a little help from you, so I have a plan.
This is the total of money I gave you, I had time to work it out to the nearest penny. This is what your repayments will be,per month over the next 10 years, I am not charging interest.
If you decide not to pay, or stop paying me I will go back to the police and explain where exactly all your money came from, then we will all be back where we started"

Today Tommy is a well respected hotel owner in Wexford, he keeps the books well and looks after his business and his business looks after him as well.

"So you see we all have choices to make and your mother must decide to allow you to live without making the wrong decision"

I knocked e2 off the fare and wished her well.

"You are a good man" she said as she got out.

On the way back into town I thought of people in India ,Africa and Thailand who are so poor that they sell their daughters into prostitution.
Or the girls in Vietnam who work in the brothels and send home every penny only to be shunned by their family when they return home.

(look up the prostitution link on thee R/H side its not what you think)

It can be a cruel world.

On a lighter a friend rang me after seeing the wedding dance video (now over 10 million hits)
"I can't remember my wife dancing up the isle when we got married but she sure as hell danced out of the divorce court"

And for the jugglers of you who are out there


  1. Brilliant post once again...Ireland is really changing isn't it ? I'm going to borrow that story one day soon, hope you don't mind. and when I saw that wedding video I thought they should have one set op right out side of a divorce court, at least one of them will be dancing !!LOL

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Work away.