Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterdays dreams

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Could you believe it A garda van stopping druggies?
Well no they were winos from another planet visiting us for the weekend!!!

Another photo of our newest bridge the Sam Beckett bridge.
All new bridges are called after Irish writers.

Well the weekend came and went, Leonard Cohen at the O2.

I would like that someone in the planning office make a rule that no event,display Concert or gathering be allowed to take place until proper provision for taxis be made.
It is forbidden almost to pick up or drop off at the new O2, that just shouldn't be allowed to happen. The concerts in Malahide castle allow cars to drop off people but not taxis, taxis must drop their passengers off at the Malahide Dart stop to be picked up by coach and then be brought to the venue.

I took off my roof sign and drove in.
That was the day a dopey garda waved on the traffic without stopping the other side first and a Maybach crashed into another car.
Wow,it was a moment in which time seemed to go into slow motion.

A lot of damage done.

In construction.

How the mighty have fallen, developers going into receivership all over the place.
Some poor unfortunate people have lost substantial deposits in one new apartment development.
Vast sites are ghost towns.
Even some places like Adamstown are ghost towns,all you need is the Tumbleweed rolling through the place.

My wife tells me this is the worst recession in 65 years!

Look lets not worry about this one though, lets worry about the next one instead.

Many people make fortunes in a depression.
My wife also tells me that in the Chinese the word crisis is represented by two strokes of the brush, one up for danger, the other down for opportunity.
So I will look for the chance to make loads of money.
Like the guy who bought loads of space in Canary wharf in a downturn, his daughter is now an heiress.

I am having problems, I normally start with the photos, then I look at them and then do the text.
But for some reason it is not showing me the posting, so I will stop while I am ahead and finish it later.

The day after!!

The weekend brought another shooting, 4 bullets in the head in broad daylight while children skipped and played nearby.

The assassin drove off on a scooter.

There is a big inter gang war going on, as long as they keep it among themselves they can go at it.

One killing that took place a few weeks ago I had known that the guy was a big player, then there now he was player no more. Its shocking really.
A few months ago I had a "Bloke" in the car and I said that a bullet proof vest would not be much good if you got shot in the head, "Well when I am working I wear a bullet proof coat with a big hood" "But a bullet hitting you on the head would knock you over and fracture your skull" said I. "No your wrong there it has a very stiff padding which absorbs the shock"....
I looked at him spellbound, "do you not believe me?" says he.
"I will give you the website where I get my stuff" says he.

"Listen.This conversation never took place, I never ever saw you and take care of yourself"
"Good man he said giving me e5 tip and off we went our separate ways."

You see a few more words and I would be deeply involved, I was at his house and I have no doubt if you searched his home you would find nothing, but in 20 minutes he could arm himself as good as any army,probably better.

Be careful out there boys and girls, picking up strangers in the night and letting them sit behind you is not a clever way of making a living.

I refer to the rapist McGinley who raped a 12 year old girl served a few years then raped an 86 year old woman soon after he came out.
That other beast in Galway is another fine example of what nature can turn up,if you needed a second opinion.

Did you ever get the guy in the car, Where are you going?
Just go down here and turn left, keep on going(Then he is talking on the phone)
Once upon a time I would sweat it through, he is probably trying to buy drugs or pay a ransom?
No way Jose.
I stop the car and pull them out by the hair if needs be and that is that.
Destination only and no variations and no mumbling into the phone.



I got another missive from the regulators office about how she is providing a "Quality service" to the public, at least it is a smaller publication than usual.
Kathleen Doyle the printers friend.
I saw a girl on Grafotn St having a "Moment" with a druggie, she wanted to give him e10 and he grabbed the high moral ground. " your money can't buy you piece of mind, put it away, you should have thought more about it before now" and off he walked shouting back "Put it away"
She was very upset and I wanted to go and tell her that if she wanted to really help to go on the "soup run", a group of people who bring tea, Coffey,soup and sandwiches to the down and outs.
It would give her a wider view of what they do, and with others around her she would have support.
It is a tragedy what drugs and drink are doing to us.Sometimes I see a glimpse of desperation in the eyes of the homeless and I think of a guy who works in Minsk in Russia. He was in the taxi late one morning as the drunks waled home in front of the cars. I threw my hands to heaven and said "How can they get so drink?"
"where I am the Police take the drunks in and when they are sober they hose them down with cold water and fine them to boot,the reason they are so strict is that in a few weeks the winter will hit. Then if the fall down drunk they will be dead in 20 Mins, they just collect the bodies, things are really bad there, believe me"

I think that things might never be as bad here,at least I hope not.

Just aside from that one of the most stunning girls I ever saw (apart from my wife) came from Minsk.

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