Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hitting mid week

Palm trees in the sun AHHHHH

Municipal buildings Limassol

Hong Kong taxi style Dublin

Just one of those lucky breaks, I was headed on for Heuston over the James Joyce bridge when I saw her hail me.
I couldn't stop in the middle of the road so I blew the horn and did a U turn on the bridge, crossing a white line as I did so.
Good girl that she was she waited for me to go through the lights again and jumped in.
There can be few things that get you mad as to stop for someone only for them to jump into the car behind you.
Today My Mojo was working and she jumped into the front seat.
Nurses, Garda,Physios and Australian girls are the only ones who go for the front seat. Don't ask me why.
She was Australian as it turned out.
She wanted me to go to an AIB bank to get money near to a dart station.
Fine there is a bank link beside Connelly station. No it has to be an AIB bank.
But its only 9.30 and the banks don't open until 10.
Its OK we can wait outside.
Now I am sure she could hear the cogs in my brain clicking into place.
Where are you going to on the Dart? Dun Laoighre she says, listen we could drive there and arrive at 10 then you could get your cash and pay me and as a bonus you would be in time for work. How much would that cost?
I reckoned she had not much money so I said around e15..Go for it.
I knew she had a story to tell for sure and I was right.

There she was heading off to see the big bad world alone.
A big rucksack a smaller bag and a handbag. She was getting off a train somewhere in Europe and there was a woman with a buggy and a few kids behind her.
So being the kind considerate girl she was she put her luggage on the platform for a second while she helped the lady.
When she turned around the handbag was gone with.................her cash, her passport, her mobile phone and her ticket home.....What was worst of all was not being able to contact friends or family.
Wow a dark moment for sure.
Now she had a job with a marketing company making enough money to pay her keep and not a lot more.
Some people you would rather not meet again, but I would just love to know how her trip panned out.

Later on that day I picked up a solisitor going to Goatstown. Did you ever see Herlech house and thefamous gates? says I.
She hadn't so I brought her into Harlech Downs and when she saw the gates,she gasped and took a photo with her phone.
It turned out that her kids used to play with another girl on the development, but she had never seen the gates before. She took a photo and she was very impressed.

This is Zorbas dance!!!

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