Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Good News at last

Just when you thought that things were so bad things take a turn for the best.
I had been worried about the outcome of the Goal aid workers being held captive in Africa, I feared for the worse after Ramadan had passed with no news, then after 100 days I feared the worst.

Well the news is good for a change.
They have been released and are strong and well.

Thanks to everyone who said a prayer, it worked!

Great result fo Africa as now aid can continue.

I had a guy in the car just in from NIGERIA he was pale and had the classic Irish red hair and white skin.
I can't go out in the Strong African sun or I would fry he said.

It is a thing I never thought of until then. What would it be like to live and work in Nigeria?

You live in a bubble he said, there is a fear of kidnap all the time, you live in a nice compound, your office has armed guards in the lobby. You go to work in a convoy.
Trouble is never far away.
I am so glad to be back in Ireland.
"Plenty of Nigerian taxi drivers here too". said I.
Funny thing that, I can tell by their accents where they are from, and at least here in Dublin I can tell them where to go to get me home.

I related her story to a girl who was heading for Raglin Rd.

Nigeria is where my uncle worked about 20 years ago.

He went to the local market every day and learned to speak Nigerian.
He had great fun with the traders.
He was kidnapped one day and held to ransom for 2 weeks.
Then one day his cell door opened and this tall guy boomed out. "Seamus, what the hell are you doing in here".
It was a guy from the market that he used to talk to on a regular basis.
The guy was the local rebel leader.
"I have been kidnapped".Said my uncle Seamus
"Let me buy you a meal and a pint of Guinness my friend, this should have not happened".
He was out then and was never bothered again.

I often wondered what kind of people lived on Raglin Rd.

For myself I picked up a girl from Brazil,whether through accent or whatever I could not understand where she was going to.
She could not write it down as she could not spell it, but she could give me directions,so off we went.
"Straight on right etc etc. then............. NO ! you should have gone to the left there.
But now I am on the M50!!!!!

"Sorry I was writing a text,its my fault".

"Shit happens it's no ones fault"

I stopped the meter and drove down the motorway looking for a turn back,6 miles it took more or less I suppose! I was trying to keep her happy talking all the time, she was a bit nervous and that in turn was scaring me too.
In conversation I found that she had turned 25 a couple of days ago.
"Girl you only look 15" (she really did)
No bullshit, I thought she was little over 15
What a great way to be looking at least 10 years younger.
This is why I was nervous, I thought I had the babysitter who thought she had been hijacked by the taxi man !
Then we corrected our course and made a perfect landing at her door.
I wish her well, I know the feeling of coming to another country to live, though I never had to live in French or German as she has to now in Englise.
The life of the migrant is tough for shure.

You know all these people who came have made our lives better. Polish people are very honest and hard working workers. What amazes me is how well educated they are, ask them if you don't believe me.
Look at the bone structuer and looks of the Russian,Checz and Latvian girls. Such fantastic teeth, they must have no sweets there.

It has been a pleasure to meet you all.

Too many taxis here in Ireland for sure.

Oh yes my photo shop has broken down.

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