Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quote of the week


It happened last week, but I don't tell you everything.
But on reflection I thought it is funny enough to pass on.

I picked up 2 girls who were kissing their boyfriends goodbye, one girl was Chinese and her boyfriend was Irish. The girls got in and chatted as we went along, then the Chinese girl got out. The Irish girl then got into the front seat and went throught the CDs, she picked the Tom Wates CD and the journey continued.
I remarked that it was not common to see Chinese girls mixing with Irish people,
her reply was a classic
"Ming knows her mind, Chinese men are insecure and possessive, on top of that they have nothing much downstairs at all"
I have been laughing at this silently all week, thanks.

Income Tax all week, I will do next years tax through the year not at the last minute as I seem to do every year.

The government made me poor.

I went in to the Gravediggers pub for a pee the other day, I met a fellow taxi driver there but for a second I was not sure if it was him, he had lost 4 stone in weight, but he looked great! a younger slimmer man.
But when he got up later to get a drink he nearly fell flat on his face.
"Are you drunk" says I.
No he told me, he had picked up a virus and it attacked his central nervous system, he recovered but now has no feeling in his hands or feet.
He cannot work and he told me that he can't get any social welfare as he was self employed.
Worst of all the doctors don't really know what is wrong with him.

Yes we have got a third world government and a fourth world health service.

We should hold a revolution and chop their heads off.

On the work front there are special events like football and rugby matches which are keeping things going, but I am spending time fixing up the house and doing income tax at present.

There are so many taxis in Dublin now that a lot of people are in big trouble money wise.
It is hard to explain to your partner that you have been out working for 8 hours and have brought home only €65 and a fine of €80 and spent €20 on fuel!
The public have no sympathy.
But the Garda are starting to pull in taxis and ask for papers, some drivers without papers are being caught.
Some day soon they may catch cloned cars of which I believe there are many.

If you look back in this blog you might recall how there was a fight in Clontarf where a guy was being kicked by a group of youths who had stolen his wife's handbag.
The guy from the kebab shop phoned the Garda and I got stuck in and the youths scattered, the guy was beaten unconcious but came to after a few minutes. All was well and my son joined me and we decided not to wait any longer and turned on to the Clontarf Rd. An unmarked police car drove past us, lights flashing sirens blaring and stopped a car at the next lights,so I stopped in front of the car they had stopped and walked back. "The guy who was being beaten up is back there at the side of "Joeys" the lads are not far away you can catch them if you go back now".

I swear to God he said "We will go there after we process this driver"

Now perhaps if one of those guys involved in the mugging would have had a knife, what would the story be then?, there was no police response to my call and the only garda presence were only interested in a wayward motorist.


Last Saturday night a young guy of 22 was kicked to death not 50 yards from that spot.
Were the boys in blue? in the "Perky Chick"? who knows

When I passed the spot I did see an ambulance and a taxi facing the wrong way, but I didn't see any police.

Today a young guy gave himself up, a moment of madness ends in tragedy for two famalies.

Evening Herald headline 4 Garda being investigated for drug gang involvement.

I gave you this before but I didn't know how to put it on the blog.
Just goes to show you..

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