Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome home Sharon

The welcome home Sharon Cummins the Goal aid worker held hostage for 107 days

Theese dock workers have been on strike for 115 days.

This stinking cesspit of filth is the outflow from the "purification" plant at Ringsend,I wouldn't like to drink a glass of water from it.

I have a video called "Dockers"
Don't buy it here you can get it much cheaper elswhere,mine cost €5.
Well it is about the dockers who went on strike in Liverpool and it was brother against brother, a very emotional film,but this DVD also has a second program about the making of the movie.

Be careful boys and girls, the union might just be hanging you out to dry, they don't miss one days pay not like you do.

The strikers are dying every day.

Today I was hopping around looking for work minding my own business when out of the blue 2 junkies got into the taxi just as a woman was getting in the other side.
She scarpered as soon as she saw them, lucky woman.

Now I don't mind junkies when they are under treatment but as soon as this pair said their destination "Merchants Quay" (a drug addict drop in center) that I knew we were in for trouble for sure, they were high on drugs speech all slurred etc.
They were stoned out of their minds and the bloke in the front seat was looking at my pockets and anything else in the car that he could steal in a few seconds.
We were in the traffic by then and I turned into Fleet St to avoid the lights at O'Connell bridge. "Where are you goin' bud,I said O'Connell St"
"No you didn't you said Merchants Quay"

To get things under control I drove onto the footpath and put the car in park.
Taking off my seat belt I shouted into his face "Get out,GET OUT, GET OUT NOW"

In a flash the battle lines were drawn up.

There are a lot of variables you have to consider, and you have to do it quickly, one mistake can really spoil your day.

He raised his fist to strike me and I said "hit me and you are dead, make no mistake about that"
I was up on my left knee, therefore well above him in height with my back to the door, so I was looking down at him and his partner could not stab me in the back.
His girlfriend screamed and they both jumped out leaving the doors open.

Round one to me.

What was likely to happen next would be a kick to the side of the car, or better still for them is you would walk over to close the door and they would jump in and take the car.

A quick burst of speed put an end to their plans. I drove forward with the doors open. The Prius makes no sound when you engage the power,unlike a conventional car where you have to crank the engine or rev the engine.
I went back around the block back to the same rank and the other drivers let me back on to the front of the rank. Then the driver who had been behind me came over and told me that they had tried to smash his windscreen the week before because he had kicked them out.

I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this kind of pressure.

Remember a few weeks Shea Ryan was beaten up and had his car burned out? He was battered to a pulp and the cops say there is "Little they can do about them"
They were caught by the way.
The system protects the rights of the criminal all the time.
They get free legal aid and all the perks.

Back to work

You can't get on to ranks without double parking, the other day I got a 5 minute lecture from a motorcycle cop for stopping on to the end of a rank for 2 minutes while going to the toilet in a nearby..I didn't get a ticket but I often see that same cop eating in a certain restaurant and the owner tells me he doesn't get paid for the meal ..Ever.

Who is the worst sinner? him or me? I pay for everything.

C'est la vie!

Big fleas have little fleas on their backs to bite them, little fleas have lesser fleas and so ad infinitum.

We all live off each other to some extent.

The gouvernment are in the shit now as revenue is well down.
If you are not working you don't pay income tax.
!/3 or so alcahol consumed in the republic has been bought in Northern Ireland where the taxes are lower.
Pubs are closing down because of the smoking ban.
You can drink at home for a fraction of the cost in the pub and you can smoke too!

They just don't get it!. If you paint a door the government want tax from you.
So the painter says €120 for cash or €160 if you want a reciept.
So the untaxed guy gets the job!
Thing is the guy working for cash is often on benafit, so they loose out twice.

A little one to share with you from a passenger.

Publicans are really bad payers when it comes to work done.
You do the job and its "tomorrow" for months.
I worked in the security industry for years so we both knew the score.

This was his story.

"I did an alarm in system a big pub in town and we put in CCTV and a super sound system,changes the mood and tempo during the day, a super system, thing was they owed us around €2,000 when all was finished and the cheque was not coming.
I rang and rang, the usual excuses were given, not here ring you back etc.
So I went into the office, The girl was very nice and looked up the invoice.
"No its not in the system" she said.
The guy said I will fax it to you today.
He went back to the office and faxed it in.
She got it and said "I will enter it into the system now and you will get your money in 30 days"
"You don't understand, I am not a supplier delivering wine. The agreement is payment of the balance on completion not in 30 days,this is my property and it will shut itself down at 5 pm if my money is not here.

Then,if there is any more bullshit I will take the system out and there is only one other supplier in Europe you can get it from and I will make sure yiu are waiting for a long while for another system"
She must have thought I would be turning up with a few heavies, like the old days,
So 5Pm came and I entered the system for the pub from my computer,I could even see what song it was playing, I waited until the song finished and shut off the music.
Then I turned off my mobile phone",
the next morning messages about the sound system breaking down, Yes I will fix it. There is an €80 call out charge and €40 for the first 1/2 hour have the cash there and a draft for the balance owing, if the cash for the call out is not there I will go away and you will owe a second call out charge when I come back again"
The cash was there and the music started in due course."Where is the balance?"
"I asked them to send it, it should be here soon"
Well send it on to the office I am sure you don't want to pay me for waiting.
By the way, the music will shut down at 5 pm again this evening unless I get the money before that time,then there will be another call out charge.

"I got my money within the hour, technology is great"

There are many guys in every city who would not pay God, fact is that after a few years no one will deal with them any more and they fold and go out of business.

The guys that pay promptly get discounts and repeat business time after time.

The Celtic Tiger created a lot of brats who thought they could treat people like mugs,their chickens are coming home to roost now.
One guy I saw today had his Firrari taken off him and it was sold for a fraction of its worth, he still owes the balance of the loan he has to repay..

I decided I would put a road safety video in every week until Christmas.
So here is a Czech one.

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